A Note from the Director

We all know what it feels like to watch someone you love realize one of their dreams. A graduation. A wedding. A milestone achieved. The triumph, the disbelief, the gratitude -- it's contagious. 

In truth, it doesn't have to be someone you love or even know. Think about watching the underdog cross the finish line at the Olympics, or even at your local high school. As humans, we love to watch our fellow men and women grasp and achieve something they have for worked tirelessly. 

This is one of those times, Shumla friends. You can see it in her face. Carolyn Boyd is experiencing that disbelieving triumph and sharing it with us. Countless hours of research and endless days behind her computer, have finally produced the hardback, 200-page realization of her dream - her book, The White Shaman Mural: An Enduring Creation Narrative

The book is truly a thing to behold. The illustrations and photographs make it worthy of the nicest coffee table, while the ancient stories it tells make it a bedside companion that will keep you up late into the night. 

You may not cry with joy when it comes in the mail to your home. But it won't take you long to discover that it is a very special book. If you order it through Shumla, a portion of your purchase will go to make sure that this kind of discovery and scholarship continues.

Here's to making sure Shumla's researchers continue to cry with joy for many years to come!  

All the best,

Jessica Lee
Executive Director

  The Match
Wrong again.

It's the  Shumla Match!

Last month I told you about Shumla's new project: The Alexandria Project. In case you didn't see the September eNews, here's a quick synopsis. 

The Need
There are 320 known mural sites in Val Verde County alone. At our current rate, with our present team, it would take over 100 years to document them all. We don't have that much time. The murals are being destroyed by flooding, vandalism and degradation. 

The Plan
The Alexandria Project is designed to preserve the murals with the same planning and efficiency that one would use to catalog and preserve the books in an ancient library.  Shumla will add two new archaeologists to our team. Working with landowners,  Shumla's five archaeologists will visit and  gather critical baseline data at all 320 rock art sites... in just three years.

The Cost
$2,000,000 to complete the entire three-year project.

You Can Make It Happen
This is the last year of our multi-year matching $100,000 challenge grant. Our anonymous and hugely generous benefactor must move on to other worthy organizations. We've got to make this year count!

This year, we will apply our final $100,000 match to the launch of The Alexandria Project in 2017. 

Please give today. Your gift will be 100% matched. Your gift will not only contribute toward The Alexandria Project directly, but it will help us in our foundation fundraising efforts. Together with the gifts of our other Shumla friends, your gift will demonstrate to foundations that we have the support of the broader public to preserve these endangered books. 


Help us reach the $100,000 match!

Donate now to help us save this ancient library. 
Every dollar you give will be matched!


Spotlight on Carolyn Boyd

What can we say about our Founder and Research Director? 

She has every right to be a little tired because well...

She got her bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Texas A&M in 1994. Four years later she graduated with a degree that takes most people seven to eight years to achieve, her PhD. In that same year, she founded an education and research organization that she has ably led through thick and thin for nearly 19 years, while writing a book, presenting at countless national and international conferences and symposiums, building and maintaining facilities, conducting field and lab work, mentoring employees and interns, directing educational programs for children, teens, and adults, fundraising to keep the lights on and our innovative programs running, and being a loving wife, mother and friend. Whew! I'm tried just typing it.

Joking aside. Carolyn is an inspiration to us at Shumla. She is the smartest, hardest working, kindest-hearted, wisest, and best woman we know. Even though she will still be heavily involved with Shumla's research after she goes to Texas State to be an Endowed Professor in Fall 2017, we will miss seeing her every single day in Comstock. But we know It's time for her to pass on her knowledge to the students who will follow in her footstesps to become the next generation of rock art researchers. All gurus need a mountain top, San Marcos will be hers. 

Thank you, Carolyn, for all you've done and all you will continue to do!

P.S. We're still working to secure the final funds needed to make the Shumla Endowed Research Professorship a reality. If you know of a foundation or individual with a love of education and scientific research in the field of archaeology/rock art and an interest in underwriting the professorship, please reach out to me, Jessica Lee, at jlee@shumla.org.
Visit Del Rio!

Come for the rock art, stay for the atmosphere! The rock art of the Lower Pecos could not be situated in a more beautiful setting. The desert is vast here, with huge skies and rolling hills that meet the crystal blue waters of the Amistad Reservoir. After you've visited the rock art, you can bird watch, water ski, bass fish, and then go camping for the night. Or you might like to visit the quaint shops of Del Rio's old town and drink wine at the Val Verde winery. In Del Rio there are lots of comfy places to stay and yummy places to eat. And you'll always find a warm welcome. Come and see!

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