A Good Reputation is Built on Best Practices
Our personal reputation is shaped by how we behave and what folks say about us. This goes for business reputations too. Our business reputation is shaped by media, TV/radio ads, social, print, blogs, forums. I recently sat on a “reputation management” panel at a conference with several of my industry colleagues. At the conference, the panel of media experts shared tactics on ways to control public image and perception. The four different viewpoints shared made it clear that no amount of spin or re-tooling of messaging can cover up poor practices. We all agreed that building a good reputation and brand awareness starts with doing the right thing. Consistent positive messaging and stories, clear communication and transparency were touted as primary tactics in continuing to shape the marketplace’s perceptions.
Build and Fortify a Good Reputation with Social Media

As a business decision maker, you are in charge of making your business profitable. The day-to-day activities involved in running a business often take all our time and energy, leaving little or no time to think about marketing. But the truth is, a well-planned and implemented social media marketing plan can make all the difference in your business success. With the help of marketing professionals, you’ll be able to develop the right social media plan to communicate your core messaging and engage customers and prospects.
At the heart of running a successful business, are your interactions with your customers, how you listen and respond to them. Social media in its many forms gives you this opportunity.

The first thing most people do when they need a service or want to buy a product, is to go online and use a social media site to check out the businesses that offer what they want. Your first impression is made on your website, with your logo, social media graphics, and blog. These initial communications should visually tell them who you are. A well-designed website represents who you are, what you do and how you do it. Once visitors see that your business provides what they want, they often check your reviews. Good reviews push your business to the top of the list and give your company credibility. Bad reviews do not.

Diversify Your Message

Social media offers a variety of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, where you can develop positive sentiment towards you and your business with target customers. It also gives you a chance to respond to negative reviews with something positive---to explain and/or correct the issues customers are concerned about. The targeted distribution of press releases and blogs posted on your web site, may be used to make customers aware of a new product, company awards and achievements, expansions and remodels, which help build reputation and gain good positioning.

**Stay tuned---next Market Smart we talk about the ten best practices in social media marketing.