In my years of teaching and holding sacred space, this Wayeb process has moved me deeply, in an extra special way. Thanks to the support of Joseph Giove, Founder of Common Passion, we have been unfolding, en masse, a global healing fueled by a virtual sacred fire. 
Using the Mayan tradition called Wayeb coupled with their auspicious timing has been powerful, with nearly1,000 participants from most every continent. I've been touched by the caliber of participants and honored to be a part of an unprecedented approach to healing ourselves and our planet.

What became clear from the beginning was that these folks, many seasoned, professional healers, knew what is involved, what's at stake and how deep we need to go. By day two, we had examined our lives and were facing our demons. Focusing on letting those go by bringing them light, acceptance and love, it feels as there is much "heavy lifting" going on.

By day three,  Don Carlos Barrios joined our call from Guatemala. He informed us that many of Mayan Elders are of the opinion that the typical 5-day Wayeb needs to be extended this cycle by 13 days, making it a Gran Wayeb, as the ancients did every 52 years. (see more below)
Many participants agreed that having more time for our work was a blessing. Now, our wrap-up call will be on Tues., March 5, same time-same station (see details below).
Of course, there's much more to come in 2013. (please see below). I hope our paths cross soon and wish you the fulfillment of your dreams, passions and destiny.
mil gracias, hermanos y hermanas
on 8.Offering (Toj) a good day to make some to your guides and our beloved Ma.


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Rather than the Mayan Haab calendar New Year beginning on Feb 21 (1.Wind-Iq), the Elders tell us to add 13 days onto this period, so that the new, New Year will be on March 6, (1.Bird-Tz'kin) instead.
This is what has historically been done every 52 years on the Haab calendar. This expands the focus of the Wayeb healing process from personal/family for the next year to one involving personal/community and all of humanity for the next 52 years. 
This gives us more time to complete an assignment of greater scope. 
During our Gran Wayeb Wrap-up we will work with the new energies, share stories and discuss next steps.
same time, same station
6:00 am PST, 8:00am CST, 9:00am EST, 2:00 pm GMT

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Changing of the Year Bearer Groups
Year Bearer
A Year Bearer
Not all Elders in Mesoamerica are likely to agree with the change in the Year Bearer Groups this year. Consensus is not easily attained among the wisdom keepers in this, and many other, parts of the world. It's complicated.
This is my understanding of how it works. Of the  20 nawales (Day Signs-or archetypal energies) of the Mayan sacred calendar, Year Bearers are divided into 5 groups of 4. In every group, each of the 4 Year Bearers contains the energy of one of the 4 directions,
ensuring the 4-point balance of energetic qualities.
It is said that every 52 years, a new group of Year Bearers takes over the task from the previous group. However, my records indicate that the group of Year Bearers with which we have been working goes back to 1938. This is 74 years ago, not 52.
Carlos Barrios explained to us on our call last Wednesday (the recording can be listenedi to anytime: Episode 4 of the Wayeb Workshop) that due to the challenges the Maya faced during the conquest and 500 years of oppression and conflict since then, there has been an unfortunate disruption to the carrying out of traditions. What is not known at this time is who has done the math and who is in agreement with the change in Year Bearer groups.
My sense is that, like everything else, time will tell. By this time next year we'll be discussing whether we felt 2013 to be a year influcenced by 1.Wind or by 1.Eagle/Bird.

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During 2013, we'll be monitoring topics like those mentioned above, supporting our continued growth, sharing insights and experiences with the Mayan Cross and other related topics through interviews, discussions, meditations and more. 


When?      Day 1 of each 13 Day Cycle
The First one is Tues Mar 19 1.Seed (Q'anil)
Time? same as before 6:00 am pacific, 9:00am eastern, 2:00 GMT, etc
Cost? Donation-based
All Access Details (see above) Remain Unchanged


I'm looking forward to an on-going effort to connect our community of those discovering and manifesting their soul's purpose.
With Healer & Author Don Simon


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