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Santa Fe Fuego to Host Cancer Foundation Fundraiser on July 21

On Thursday, July 21 the Santa Fe Fuego baseball club will host the Third Annual Cancer Foundation for  New Mexico Night at Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe beginning at 6:00 p.m. The Fuego will generously  donate $1 to the Cancer Foundation for every paid attendance for their game versus the White Sands  Pup Fish. A General Admission ticket is $6, available at the box office on game night.

One of the highlights of the evening is the First Pitch. This year Jaiden Patel, an upbeat, 17 year-old  cancer survivor will do the honors. In addition to being a student at the Academy for Technology and the  Classics, Jaiden is a Cancer Foundation volunteer who works with cancer patients in the treatment room  at the New Mexico Cancer Care Center.

Jaiden has suffered from brain tumors since he was a toddler, yet you may never meet a person with a  more positive attitude. "I think about the people who have it worse than me" says Jaiden. "I've been  through this five times. I always think of it as a speed bump. It's rough going over, but eventually you get  past it." He receives great love and support from his mother Nita, father Sandeep and sister Myya as  well as scores of friends and relatives.

Mark your calendar now; it will be a great night at the ballpark. Come cheer on Jaiden and his First Pitch,  raise money for the Cancer Foundation mission to help people access cancer treatment and then root,  root, root for a Fuego win!

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