Dearest Welcome Home Patriots and Friends:
Can you believe it is May already? Soon the trees will bear 50 shades of green leaves in all their glory, the flowers will really bloom without fear of another freeze, and the barbecues, bonfires and swimming pools will be a plenty. Hope is on the horizon, friends.

We have much to share with our favorite people about the going’s on at Welcome Home - people that share the very same passion to honor our Veterans and restore their lives as we do. Our 'community for Veterans.' (Here’s lookin’ at you!)
May is Military Appreciation Month and we've teamed up with The Tom Bradley Show and Border Xpressions to remember, honor, and support our beloved Military. Now through May 31st you can enter to win Border Xpressions permanent edging for your beautiful yard - simply by donating just $64, today through May 31st.

You do not want to miss this (curb) appealing opportunity, so click here to enter today.

$64 covers a full day of services for one of our homeless Veterans and adds value (up to $1,300.00) directly to your yard.
Events are critical to our mission, as this is often how we engage and maintain the relationships with our beloved community. Last year, we missed the hugs, togetherness and being around our community more often. Thank you for shifting with us as we navigated through the crazy year!

Now, we're excited to inform you that with 2021 came the light at the end of the tunnel, and we have several events lined up in support of our Veterans.

We can't wait for you to join in the fun!

This is a very eclectic vendor showcase with lots of local handmade/antique finds and local music, with the most amazing food trucks available on site. Each event is themed and guaranteed a good time. Located right on 304 East Railroad Street in Centralia.

Click on each date for more information:

September 13, 2021: 4th Annual Charity Picnic 

November 4th, 2021: 6th Annual Casino Night

As always, you can stay in the know regarding our different events by checking out the Events Page on our website here.

Donate Your Schnuck's Rewards program enables customers to choose the option to donate their Schnuck's Rewards Points to Welcome Home using their Schnuck's Rewards app or on the Schnuck's website. Once donated, Rewards Points will translate to a monetary donation, right back to supporting our Veterans!

With the new location opening up in East Columbia, it is convenient and easy to shop for your groceries, get your rewards and give back to our worthy cause. For more information on Schnuck's Rewards and to sign up, click the button below.
As you know, volunteer opportunities took a serious hit in 2020 as we worked hard to protect some of the most vulnerable people during the pandemic – our homeless Veterans. But, like many of you, we miss KP Duty so much and are looking forward to opening our doors for this volunteer opportunity again soon!

In the meantime, we got creative and developed a different opportunity for those in the community looking to give back. Several volunteers from the University of Missouri and other local groups have assisted in clean-up, inventory, and organization of all the very necessary in-kind donations our patriots and friends have so graciously donated. We are grateful to our community for continuing to give back in creative ways.

When a community stands together, they stand strong and proud, and our Veterans feel ALL the love in return.

If you would like more information on volunteering at Welcome Home, please send us a message at

Also, if you'd like more information on our most current List of Needs, please visit our website here.
It takes very special people to give back to those that have taken a stand to serve and sacrifice for our country. We wanted to know why it was so important to you. Why Veterans? Why Welcome Home? Why this mission?

Thanks to a few key partners, we are honored and thrilled to create a video mini-series capturing why our community members choose to honor Veterans and restore lives. This has been such a humbling project and we cannot wait to share with all of you!

Be on the lookout for the first video in our series, dropping on the very special Memorial Day.
Thank you to our friends at The Blue Note, for providing a beautiful space to film the interviews. Sharing a special shout out to our generous sponsors:
Disabled upon arrival, with severe hearing loss to the point of deafness, homeless Veteran “Brian” needed treatment for addiction. During the pandemic his treatment was primarily online. Given this barrier, he did amazingly well not having the full, in-person support team of addiction recovery.

Often along with addiction, our Veterans experience issues with money management, too. "Brian" came into Shelter, worked hard through the program, enrolled in money management classes, and took steps to take his life back...a life he deserves.
Working closely with his Welcome Home Case Manager "Brian" found affordable housing, along with a roommate. He is now able to afford to live an independent, greater quality of life, while also saving money for his future. He is doing remarkable while staying on top of his sobriety, too. We have been honored to serve "Brian" and provide him the tools needed to get out of homelessness and back on his feet for good. But, "Brian" is the one who put in all the hard work and has made this life change possible. We salute you, sir, and thank you for allowing us to give you a proper 'welcome home.'
“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going when you have no strength.” 
~ Napolean Bonaparte
Welcome Home is so thrilled to be able to share this awesome news with you, and as always appreciate the unconditional love and support from our people. Our Veterans deserve the absolute best we have to offer as a support network and family, and it’s because of people like you that we are able to make that happen.

Let us continue to restore the lives of these deserving souls, one day at a time, until Veteran homelessness is no more.

Until next time,
Welcome Home Team