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Volume 153
May 15th, 2015

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$500 OFF!

Have you noticed that Gary has kept the $500 off Standard Laminated & Hybrid basses in place?  With fast lead could be playing an Upton faster than you think!

Restored Juzek c1920

This Juzek Double Bass was just restored by the UB luthiers and couldn't be more ready to play--the perfect marriage of old and new.
Price Reduced! Kolstein Fendt Model

This 2000 Kolstein Fendt model has a fresh new setup with Spirocore strings for the jazzer inside all of us. A bass bag is included in the package, and optional C extension.
Evah Pirazzi

Evah Pirazzi: the most popular multi-use string choice on the market today.

Okay, maybe it wasn't a bar. But back around 2006, a guy walked into the Upton Bass showroom asking to speak with Gary. It wasn't JUST ANY GUY either, it was John Patitucci. He happened to be vacationing in town, and it wasn't long before John had his first UB Hybrid on order for use as a teaching bass at City College in NYC. Since then, John has partnered with the Danilo Perez Foundation, and has commissioned two "Brescian" model double basses from us. The first was a "Brescian" Hybrid in 2013, and more recently, he returned to us looking for a fully carved "Bresican." This new bass is just coming out of production and will be shipped to the Danilo Perez Foundation shortly. We are huge supporters of John and the Foundation, and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with both.   


Give Gary or myself a call and let's talk about building a custom bass for you. We love what we do, and we'd love to do it for you!


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Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
John Patitucci - Video

John Patitucci is one of the best known bassists in the world today. He is a two-time Grammy Award winning artist, and his first solo album ranked #1 on the Billboard Jazz charts. He has a new album "Brooklyn," just released this month.

Doubling on both the upright bass and the electric bass, John has a recording and performance resume that could easily be transcribed into a book! But don't pigeon hole him as just a Jazz bassist--John is equally as proficient in an orchestral section. A truly well rounded player whose legacy will stand the test of time.

Check out this video we filmed when John was at the Upton Bass workshop to pick up his bass for the Danilo Perez Foundation back in 2013.

Learn more about John and his new album at


The Danilo Perez Foundation            

The Danilo Perez Foundation is a Panamanian foundation with international projection. It promotes the mentoring, training, and musical stimulation of talented children and youth, in order to become professional musicians, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

The Foundation is funded in part by Danilo's Jazz Club and the Panama Jazz Festival. The Festival provides concerts by leading international jazz musicians and master classes by some of the finest institutions in the field, including Berklee College of Music. The Festival has also become a center for auditions, admissions, and scholarships for participating institutions.

To recruit children and young people with a talent for music and related careers; To offer and encourage musical training. To promote the development of children and youth talented in music and related careers in internationally recognized institutions.

More at


The "Brescian" Model

The award-winning "Brescian" Model is a modern instrument with roots in the 16th century inspired by our favorite historic double basses. Its design directly mirrors those archetypal double basses with large shoulders, violin corners, deep ribs, dramatic top arching and pronounced canted backs. These qualities combine to create a larger air mass with great resonance and rich harmonics, packaged with the ergonomics, geometry, and accessibility that modern players expect from Upton Bass.


Like all Upton Basses, The "Brescian" is a versatile instrument. It can be set up as a jazz cannon pushing the rhythm section with tremendous string response. When bowed for classical music, deep and clearly pitched pipe-organ lows will lift the string section. Roots and bluegrass players will feel increased depth, string feel, and boom in every note.  


But don't just take our word for it...drop by the workshop and try it for yourself. Read more about the "Brescian" model at 

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