Spring has Sprung at Hanna!

  • On-Campus Work Program - Sparking a Passion

  • An Alumni Profile: Meet Efren

  • Alumni Return to Get the Seniors Photo Ready

  • Hanna Institute Launches Summit @ Home

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On-Campus Work Program

As adults we hear things like – ‘find something you love to do and you’ll never work another day in your life’ or ‘find your passion.’

But to a teenager what does that mean? And how do you even start the process of figuring that out?

For our Boys at Hanna, taking part in the On-Campus Work Program is the perfect place to start. The Program is part of a larger work experience and career readiness program that’s intended to help spark an interest in an area that could blossom into a career – but most importantly it gives students a safe place to work on the soft skills that are critical for success in the work world. Skills that include communication, conflict resolution, time management and persistence to name but a few.

All of our current Boys have on-campus jobs and they love them! Positions include car detailer, chapel production assistant, curator, line cook, gardener, music technician, pet groomer, personal trainer, web site developer, gym foreman, maintenance, livestock technician, paint detailer and tutor. See a few examples below - the Boys are having a great time!

Follow along on our social media channels as we share more about the jobs and experiences in the coming weeks.
Hanna students working on campus as gardeners (left) and as the gym foreman (right).
Alumni Spotlight: Meet Efren

Growing up, Hanna alum Efren was in and out of Juvenile Hall. He was raised in a chaotic environment surrounded by drug use, violence and gang activity and had a hard time trusting authority. So, when a judge gave him the opportunity to try Hanna, or to go back to Juvenile Hall, he begrudgingly took a chance on Hanna and it turns out…on himself.

That was 2006 – and although Efren didn’t know it at the time – the decision to come to Hanna would change the trajectory of his life in unimaginable ways.

Initially he was slow to warm to his new home. But overtime he grew to trust the staff, to understand they wanted the best for him and to see the benefit of the opportunities put in front of him. “I started to see that there was a different world out there than I was used to and I started to put the pieces together that if you work hard for something you can achieve it.”

While at Hanna Efren did just that – he worked hard and he immersed himself in sports.

“I took advantage of everything I’d never had the chance to do before. I started looking to the coaches and the teachers as mentors,  and took their encouragement to heart. It gave me the confidence to try new things.”
Efren graduated from Hanna in 2009 and went off to College.

These days Efren is a social worker, working with children with developmental disabilities – he’s a father, is planning to go back to school to become a speech pathologist and is getting married. He met his fiancé Jessica when they were both working at Hanna as youth counselors. Jessica still works at Hanna and this summer they’ll get married on campus in a small, intimate, and COVID safe ceremony with Efren’s daughter by their side. 

If only Efren could have imagined how much Hanna would change his life all those years ago. All the hard work he put in changed the trajectory of his life, - and he found his future wife along the way.

Congratulations to Efren and Jessica – both of whom have such special spots in our Hanna hearts! 
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Hanna Alumni Give Back

Recent Hanna graduates Miguel and Christian came back to campus to help our Seniors get ready for their upcoming Senior Portraits.

They've both been cutting hair for the past year and were happy to help our boys look their best.

As Mr. Jackson says, giving back like this 'is just the Hanna way.' Thank you to both of these young men!
Summit @ Home - Free Online Training Program for ALL
We've officially launched the Summit @ Home, an ongoing series of free online trainings focused on giving teachers, counselors, nonprofit staff and others quick-hitting, valuable content that can be applied right away.
Head on over to the Summit @ Home page on the Hanna Institute site and view our first training — a 20-minute video on trauma-informed care. It’s a fun, quick overview of the science behind trauma-informed care.

Every 60 days we’ll release new videos and our content library will be available all year long for you to reference and share.



Advanced Trauma-Informed Care

DATE: March 24 & March 25 & 26

DETAILS: With a grant from ACEs Aware we're setting out to educate our neighbors about ACEs, and to make screenings part of doctors' routine exams. We're also offering a series of FREE training activities - the March sessions are Advanced Trauma-Informed Care.


DATE: Every Thursday

DETAILS: Join our Facebook page and watch for our Facebook live events every Thursday at 9:00 AM. We can't gather together at this time but we can virtually come together in the Hanna Chapel to reflect on our blessings and join together in prayer.

This email is intended for Hanna Boys Center Donors and Supporters.