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Froggy Kermit's Happy Tail | Photo Contest | Dog Day Out | Spotlight on Seniors
Happy Tails: This Is What It's All About!
Remember Froggy Kermit, now called Apollo?

Due to his need to have multiple meet-and-greets to warm up to people, he was a difficult dog to place quickly.

As the months went by, Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive (SSPA) wouldn’t give up on our beloved boy! We knew there was someone out there for him!

Eventually, an incredible adopter applied for him, meeting Froggy multiple times at the shelter to help him feel comfortable - and even bringing the neighbors!!

Well, look how happy the beloved pup is now!!!

His adopter says: “I’d like to thank you all for allowing me to adopt Froggy Kermit, who is now known as Apollo. He is the kindest, most loving dog I have had the privilege of caring for. He’s 100% adapted to his new home and loves on myself and my neighbors, although he still is hesitant around people he doesn’t know well. He is slowly winning over my entire neighborhood! Many thanks for the opportunity to call him my boy.”

We can’t thank his adopter enough for taking all of these extra steps and giving our beloved boy a wonderful, loving home!!

This is a true example of SSPA standing by our motto, “Where all dogs matter,” and shows that it takes a village to achieve successful outcomes for our pups!

Without SSPA being a safety net for large dogs and amazing community members willing to go the extra mile, Froggy would not have had the positive outcome we had all hoped and wanted for him.

This is seriously what it’s all about and we can’t accomplish this without your support!
Show Off Your Pets in Costume!
Our Halloween Photo Contest is live!

Whether you dress up your goobers in something spooky or adorable, now’s your chance to show them off - and support shelter dogs in the process!!

Here's how to participate:
  • ENTER your pet’s photo at Each entry is $10, and you get 10 votes for your photo with your submission. *The proceeds go to our programs for pups!*
  • VOTE as often as possible and get friends and family to vote as well! Votes are $1 each, with a 5-vote minimum, and you can vote as many times as you like!!

The photo with the most votes gets to be the cover of our Facebook page for 3 months and wins an enlarged and framed print of the winning photo, a Crown and Paw pet portrait, and an SSPA T-shirt! And there are also awesome prizes for the two runners-up!!

So, what are you waiting for?! Start racking up the votes today!
Dog Day Out Is Making a Difference!
SSPA's Dog Day Out Program for large-breed dogs at Bradshaw Animal Shelter continues to be a big hit with community members (as shown in the video above)!

We're nearing 200 applications to check dogs out!

Our dogs are happier during their shelter stay, more mentally stimulated, and your photos and descriptions are helping them find homes!! AMAZING!!!

"Thank you to every single community member who has stepped up to make our dogs' days," said Delyse Gannaway, SSPA's founder. "The difference you are making is invaluable!"

Want to Get Involved?
Spotlight on Senior Pups
Fosters Needed: Won't You Take Us Home?

This sweet senior is in need of a loving home, and he so deserves one.

He was mistreated by humans throughout his life, being chained up outside every day.

It took our SSPA team months to prep this guy for home living and help him develop confidence, and despite all he’s been through, he still found a way to trust and forgive those that never showed him an ounce of compassion. Once he knows he’s safe, he’s quite a character who has a silly side!

Understandably, it takes him a few meet-and-greets to gain trust and build a relationship with new people.

He's looking for someone with plenty of patience and love to take him in.

Ready to be Oscar's hero?! 

Yet another sweet and gentle senior, this guy wants nothing more than the comfort of home life.

Guardian had to go through surgery to remove his ears due to neglect. In fact, we couldn't even touch his head when he arrived due to the pain and discomfort. But the Bradshaw medical team did an amazing job on his surgery and now he's pain-free and a totally different dog!

So all he needs to keep him smiling is a home!

Please note: He so enjoys people that he struggles when left alone at home or at the shelter. Considering this, he's seeking a foster who is familiar with separation anxiety and willing to work with him. SSPA will be giving his foster or adopter a special crate to help.

Can you give him the love and affection that he deserves?
SSPA Foster Dog of the Week
Doesn't senior cutie Elvis make this pink dog bed look good?! He is sweet, gentle, inquisitive and a little clumsy due to his eyes. He might be older, but he still has some moves and loves toys and tug of war! He's truly easy-peasy - and adorable as can be - and looking for a loving forever family.

Fill out an application to adopt him today!