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A Summer Bursting with Activity
Selfless Summer Staff
Over the course of the summer, our counsellor and nursing staff donated a total of 11,706.25 hours to Camp Health, Hope & Happiness (above the hours of which they were paid). For our 32 summer staff that is an average of 365 hours per person! Although these numbers are very similar to those in the many years that we have been in operation, it represents the selflessness that is required to work at Camp He Ho Ha for the summer, and selfless is a word that can only begin to describe the summer staff of 2019.

This group had compassion, zest for making every moment special, endless work ethic, and an expansive love for each other and our campers. They met in the cabins each morning to gently pry day into the sleepy-eyed campers and to dance with the campers who had already been awaiting their arrival. They ran laps of our 400m ring road to race with a camper in an electric wheelchair just to hear her giggle. They had several weddings of which they were the bride or groom just because a camper wanted to be married. They listened to “Ring of Fire” AT LEAST twice a day for 60 days without ever skipping the song because it’s a camper favourite. They exceeded our incredibly high standards and made a lasting difference in the lives of Campers with disabilities. They stayed present and attentive, they listened and they shared, they were firm and they were gentle, they were everything that they needed to be.

For the staff that shared their 2019 summer with us, we want to say 'Thank you.' Thank you on behalf of Camp He Ho Ha that sets incredibly high standards and on Thank you on behalf of the campers that lived life more boldly this summer!
Donate Now
Every single donation makes a difference in helping change lives and empower people of all abilities at Camp Health, Hope, & Happiness. The incredible work we do is only possible because of donors like you. With your support, individuals with physical and mental disabilities will be able to attend more than just summer camp; they will be empowered through activity with memories that last!
Swing For Camp Brings in Over $71,000 for Camp
The sold-out 'Swing Fore Camp' Charity Golf Tournament raised an impressive $71,000 for Camp programs. 102 golfers came out to enjoy a fabulous round at Pineridge Golf Resort, have their shot at winning beautiful prizes, and raising pledges to help individuals with disabilities live fuller, more meaningful lives.

Highlights of the event:
  • Trying to win one of the 4 Hole-in-One prizes
  • Fun and yummy on the course activities and snacks
  • Randy Van Beers, Marty Hyland, Aaron Bossenberry, and Havelock Madill winning the Braggarts Cup
  • Karen Kenyon winning the 1 Year Pineridge Membership for raising at least $1,000 in pledges
  • Tyler Tollefson winning the trip for 2 to Phoenix AZ, for the 2020 Waste Management Open for raising at least $500 in pledges
  • Knowing the day is making a difference by raising money for a worthy cause.

Campers Brian, Ross, and Caiden even played a few holes with our attendees and shared their camp experiences. Laughter could be heard across the course as golfers hilariously watched each other putting with pantyhose, and cracked jokes.
Preparations are now underway for the next Swing Fore Camp Charity Golf Fundraiser taking place August 14, 2020 . We welcome you to join us again next year, and even start raising your pledges now for a chance to win major prizes, while creating opportunities for people with disabilities.

So when someone asks, "Do you Swing?" you say, "Yes! Every August at Pineridge Golf Resort to ra ise money for Camp He Ho Ha -and you should too!" See you all next year!
Like these photos but want more? Check out the Photo Album on our website!
Thank you to all our Sponsors for their incredible support of
our Swing Fore Camp Golf Tournament
Dawn and George Matheson with Jason Chartrand (centre). George and Dawn brought in the most pledges for the Shoot for Cause 3D Archery Shoot and also won the Air Canada Tickets. The Mathesons then donated the tickets back to the live auction, where they were purchased by Jason Chartrand, raising an additional $1,400 for individuals with special needs to attend Camp He Ho Ha.
Wind Beneath our Wings
Did you know that Air Canada plays an integral role in helping our many children with disabilities to reach for the stars and soar to new heights? For many years, Air Canada has been a Major Corporate Sponsor for Camp’s largest fundraising initiative, the Shoot For Cause 3D Archery Shoot. Air Canada donates two airline tickets for any destination that Air Canada flies in North America, Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Every archer who raises over $3,000 in pledges has an opportunity to win this trip. This wonderful donation from Air Canada provides a very significant incentive for participants to raise the bar in their fundraising efforts. 

“Thanks to Air Canada” for assisting Camp He Ho Ha and children to reach new heights!
ACT/UCT #1021 Red Deer Club Continue their Kind Contributions
This photo tells the story of what it means to give to Camp He Ho Ha - generous members of the ACT/UCT #1021 Red Deer Club, happy campers and two beaming staff!
This Red Deer Club has been supporting camp for many, many years, and this year was no exception. Several members visited camp during the summer, and presented a wonderful donation of $3,500!  Camp is so grateful for the generosity of the ACT/UCT #1021 Red Deer Club.
Members of the ACT/UCT #1021 Red Deer Club along with Camp He Ho Ha counselors and campers from the Teens and Children with physical disabilities camp.
Tom DeBelser, HollyDeBelser and Debi DeBelser (Tom's surviving family members) presenting camp with a cheque for $500,000.

Camp He Ho Ha's Paving and Resurfacing Infrastructure project was primarily made possible through a generous grant of $125,000 from the Government of Alberta's Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) and Matching funds of $125,000 from the Chwelos DeBelser Family Foundation. Work on the project began in August 2019 and was completed in September 2019.
Chwelos DeBelser Family Matches CFEP Grant to Improve Infrastructure
The Chwelos/ DeBelser Family holds a special place in their hearts for Camp Health, Hope & Happiness. Tom Chwelos attended camp for many years and sadly passed at age 55 in 2005. The time Tom spent at camp was very special to both him and the rest of the Chwelos family; so much so that Tom's parents left a memorial gift in the amount of $500,000 in 2016.

When the Foundation heard that Camp was looking for matching funds for the 2019 paving and resurfacing project they didn't hesitate. This incredible family foundation contributed $125,000 to ensure camps infrastructure remains strong for another 60 years. Thank you Chwelos DeBelser Family Foundation, because of your support we are able to ensure the infrastructure of camp remains accessible for hundreds of campers like Tom every year.
Children's Ability Fund Makes a Huge 10 Year Commitment
Children's Ability Fund Presenting their Cheque for $250,000 to Camp Health, Hope & Happiness Executive Director Greg Nielsen
The Children’s Ability Fund has been a forever supporter of Camp He Ho Ha, and we are eternally grateful for their support.  This year, the Children’s Ability Fund gave camp an extremely generous gift of $250,000 . Every year for the next ten years, $25,000 will be used to sponsor our camp for Teens and Children with Physical Disabilities. 

We sincerely thank Carol Russ, Executive Director and the Board of the Children’s Ability Fund for designating this generous gift to Camp and children and teens with physical disabilities.
Giving Back Starts at Home
"The Camp He Ho Ha organization [is] doing great work and makes a positive difference in many peoples lives."
-George Van De Walle
George Van De Walle a Remax Real Estate Professional based in St. Albert is an avid supporter and champion of Camp He Ho Ha and the difference we make here.

George is a Sponsor of our annual 'Swing Fore Camp' Golf Tournament. This year George even started making a donation to Camp He Ho Ha for all properties that he is listing and selling. Currently, every property that is listed with George has a promotional banner on it to bring awareness to Camp He Ho Ha.  Thank you for your generosity George!
If you are in the St. Albert Area and buying or selling your home, please consider George Van De Walle.
The Rumbold Foundation is the proud sponsor of our camp for Adults with Physical Disabilities.   
True Philanthropists with Huge Hearts
Two very special people, Grace and Arnold Rumbold visited during the camp for Adults with Physical Disabilities, and delivered a very special gift. For many years, Grace has been generously supporting Camp. In 2019 Grace and Arnold established the Rumbold Foundation which will be used to continue their philanthropic goals, and to ensure the sustainability of their chosen charities!  Camp was very fortunate to receive a very generous donation of $20,000 from their Foundation. Grace and Arnold, you are the epitome of true philanthropists, and we are so blessed to have you as special friends of Camp !
Sunny's Supporters Raises $3,440 from Campers
Each Summer our ca mpers and their families can become one of "Sunny's Supporters" by making a minimum donation of $5 through our pledge form, which includes one of these badges. Sunny is our camp mascot, beloved by campers, and being one of his supporters puts a badge on our Wall of Fame for a camper's week at camp.

This year 30 campers raised $3,440 for summer camp programming; that is 156% more than last year. Thank you to everyone who contributed! You have helped bring recreational camp experiences to many individuals with disabilities.

Congratulations to Emma Picco, this year's winner of the Sunny's Supporters draw for a free camp registration for the 2020 season!
*Sunny’s Supporters is a fundraising contest where campers raise pledges to be recognized on our wall of fame and can qualify to win their camp registration for the following summer.
World Financial Group Makes a Huge Contribution to Camp
The Richard Cender Memorial Tournament is hosted in loving memory of Richard Cender a former WFG financial representative. Richard was committed to the special needs care of his daughter and spearheaded school based athletic fundraising events for years in his former career as a teacher.
It all began in 2017 when community-minded members from the World Financial Group (WFG) South Side office approached Camp He Ho Ha with the proposal to host their Slow-Pitch Tournament with Camp He Ho Ha. Since that first event, this generous supporter has contributed over $100,000 to camp with an annual event for the last 4 years

This year WFG South Side Hosted the Richard Cender Memorial Golf Tournament in Support of Camp He Ho Ha on July 12, 2019. Golfers joined together at The Ranch Golf & Country Club for a fun day of golf, raising $32,400 for camp.

The WFG team believes so strongly in Camp He Ho Ha that they have decided to extend their support through this annual event to another year. making it a 5 year commitment.

We can't thank the folks at the WFG South Side office enough for all their financial support of Camp He Ho Ha. We are grateful for your friendship, belief in our programs and your commitment to improve the Camp Health, Hope & Happiness community! We look forward to working with you again in 2020!
Open House for Camp He Ho Ha at European Institute of Esthetics MediSpa and Training Centre on July 17, 2019.
Open House for Camp He Ho Ha
The European Institute of Esthetics (EIE) MediSpa and Training Centre and Edmonton Pro Beauty have become passionate partners of Camp He Ho Ha and the individuals we support. This summer not only did they sponsor our 2019 Golf Tournament, they also held an open house on July 17, 2019 to raise funds and awareness for Camp He Ho Ha! Anyone who made a donation to Camp at EIE of $50 or more through August received an entry to win a trip to LAS VEGAS!

We are proud to work with these incredible partners! Thank you EIE and Pro Beauty for your support and efforts to raise money and awareness for Camp He Ho Ha.
Kwick Screens for Quick Privacy
The majority of the more than 730 campers who attend our programs have specific medical needs. There are many campers that would be grateful to have increased privacy in our (16 bed open concept dorm style) cabins when getting dressed, or receiving medical care in the cabin (catheter care, g-tube, bed bath, etc.) In order to facilitate this need Camp approached some of our generous donors to fund new portable privacy screens.

With the addition of portable medical screens we have improved the sanitation within the cabins and provided our campers the ability to choose increased privacy and dignity in cabin living units. The screens are printed with beautiful and calming images of camp, enhancing the cabin environment. These screens can also be used in other program areas such as:
  • backgrounds for skit night
  • partitions to create wheelchair race courses
  • separating cabins in large open spaces
  • projector screen for movie night

Thank you to all the generous donors who helped make this project possible!
Members from EQUS visiting Camp He Ho Ha with Executive Director Greg Nielsen (Centre).
First Time Donor -EQUS
Though their community giving program 'Operation Round Up' EQUS generously donated $3,160 - a first-time donation to Camp He Ho Ha. This donation was used to purchase free-standing privacy screens used in our cabins to provide more privacy for our campers for bedside medical, clothing changes, and more throughout their camping experience. 

THANKS EQUS! Your gift helps ensure the dignity and privacy of our campers now and for years to come.
Camp Freedom Returns
The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Northern Alberta, once again held it’s annual “Camp Freedom” at Camp He Ho Ha. This amazing group of people, many of whom have Spina Bifida, have been accessing the facility for the last two decades. 

In the past, the association donated a chair used in the pool area and this summer they generously donated the funding for a tent which our summer camp program has already been put to use in a variety of areas. 

Thank you so much to our friends at the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Northern Alberta  for choosing Camp as your facility of choice.
Campers and Staff from the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Northern Alberta, 'Camp Freedom' at Camp He Ho Ha August 4 – 7, 2019.

Members of the Kiwanis Club of Edmonton Downtown, Campers & Greg Nielsen, Executive Director of Camp Health, Hope & Happiness..
Kiwanis Downtown Comes Through for Camp
Camp has been in desperate need of a new cube van for the maintenance department for some time, but no longer. Thanks to the commitment of the Kiwanis Club of Edmonton Downtown, Camp has received funding for a van. All it took was a phone call to Club President Nate Feller, and a presentation to the club members.

In August, several members arrived at Camp with a very generous donation of $25,000 to assist with the purchase of a new van.  Thank you. You are all wonderful friends who are always there for Camp He Ho Ha! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
ACT / UCT Edmonton Club Fund a New Cube Van for Camp
When equipment and vehicles age and are in need of replacement Camp is fortunate to have the support of donors like the the ACT / UCT #1016 Club of Edmonton. This long-time donor helped with the purchase of a new cube van by contributing significantly to the purchase.

The kindness of this group is evident from their work in the community and their steadfast commitment to camp. This generous group has contributed over $700,000 to camp over the last 24 years. Thank you ACT / UCT #1016 your gift and dedication to camp is greatly appreciated.
The old cube van that is being replaced due to the generosity of the ACT/UCT #1016 Edmonton and the Kiwanis Club of Edmonton Downtown.
Greg Nielsen, Executive Director is explaining the climbing wall and ropes course to Nellie Watson.
Blessed by the Generosity of Nellie Watson
Camp is blessed to have the friendship and generosity of Nellie Watson. Supporting Camp He Ho Ha for many, many years, Nellie had never visited Camp. In August this all changed – Nellie made the trip from Eckville. She was so impressed with what she saw, so very interested in our programs and had many questions. What a delightful 94-year-old…intelligent, witty, gracious, generous and just a beautiful person! 

Thanks for your wonderful generosity.

Suncor Cares Through the SunCares Program
Supported by Suncor and Suncor Energy Foundation, SunCares is a Community Engagement Program to inspire Suncor employees and retirees to contribute to the well-being and support the causes that are important to them.  Thank you SunCares for your wonderful $2,500 donation to Camp!

Tim Pooke, Maintenance Planner - Heavy Trades of Suncor organized Suncor employees and their families to volunteer in various areas at Camp He Ho Ha for a day. The Suncor group assisted with arts & crafts, climbing wall, fishing and canoeing, assisting in the kitchen, and topped off the day serving a special treat donated by Suncor - ICE CREAM! Kids loved it! One camper was so excited - he told everyone he had FOUR TREATS! Thanks to the Suncor group who volunteered their valuable time, and for making a difference!

Suncor has continued to make gifts through a pledge to one of our Archery Participants for the last 10 years, with over $10,000 donated over that time.
Suncore Staff and family members spent a day giving back to campers through the Suncor SunCares Program. They assisted in program activities and saw the value of what we do here at Camp He Ho Ha.
Representatives from the REALTORS® Charitable Foundation with Director of Donor Relations Joan Nielsen (right).
The Executive Director of the REALTORS® C haritable Foundation, their Governor and two Board members visited the Camp this summer and were extremely impressed with the programs and the interactions they had with the campers. As they mentioned, the smiles and laughter of the campers say it all!
Grass Roots Gifts from REALTORS Charitable Foundation
The REALTORS® Charitable Foundation have been incredible annual supporters of camp for many years. What is so unique about this foundation is that it supports grass-roots organizations. Their funding has assisted camp with new bathroom partitions, program equipment and supplies, new flooring in the Medical Centre, new water pumps, re-flooring of cabins, re-roofing project, replacement of our trail system, repaving of roads – just to name a few! The Board members have always been there for Camp ensuring that camp’s programs for children and adults with disabilities continue.

Thanks for your ongoing generosity and support – it is greatly appreciated!
Edmonton Host Lions Club Makes a Major Difference
Members of the Edmonton Host Lions Club visited Camp in August and were extremely impressed with the wonderful experience the campers were enjoying. This dedicated group of individuals presented Camp with a generous donation of $30,000 from the Lions Club of Edmonton Foundation .  

 Since 2002, this foundation has donated a very impressive $420,000 to sponsor children and adults to attend Camp’s adapted recreational programs! Words are not adequate to express our gratitude for the dedication, encouragement, support and generosity over the many years! Take pride in knowing that you make dreams come true and make a huge difference in hundreds of lives each year!
Members from the Edmonton Host Lions Club with an exceptionally Generous Donation of $30,000 for Camp He Ho Ha.
Your efforts and generosity make the difference for hundreds of individuals with disabilities every year. Thank you for your continued partnership!
Representatives from the Stony Plain Kinsmen invited Camp He Ho Ha to their meeting on October 2, 2019 where Camp was honored to receive funding.
Thank you Stony Plain Kinsmen
The Stony Plain Kinsmen Club has been a kind supporter of Camp He Ho Ha for more than 15 years! Our campers are exceedingly thankful for your generosity and support. Your gift this year helps make camp possible for many Albertans who lack the opportunity, funds, or inclusive access to participate in relational programs at any other time of the year.

Thank you for your generosity!
New Concrete and Asphalt Replacement for Wheelchair Accessible Pathways
In late Augu st the hard-working team from KaeWest Concrete was on-site removing our cracked and shifting asphalt walkway s and framing and pouring new concrete ones. In Early September another crew was on site from O'Hanlan Paving to resurface the asphalt and extend Camp's parking spaces. These projects are part of ongoing initiatives to maintain our completely barrier-free facility. Operating for nearly 60 years poses its challenges, but with the support of our generous donors and contributors, projects like these are safeguarding our infrastructure and ensuring our campers can be independent for years to come!

More than 740 campers who attend our summer camp programs will benefit directly from these renovations. An additional 2,500 Albertans who rent our facility annually will enjoy a more accessible facility. The project ensures people with disabilities across the province have inclusive access to meaningful adapted recreational summer camp programming that meets their needs.

A huge Camp He Ho Ha THANK YOU to those donors who made this project possible!
Greg Nielsen with a representative   from the Morinville Lions Club. Camp was presented with a cheque from their Casino fundraising account on October 7, 2019.
Nearly two Decades of Support from Morinville Lions Club
Camp Health, Hope and Happiness was among several grateful recipients of funding from the Morinville Lions Club on their giving night on October 7, 2019.

For almost 20 years the Morinville Lions Club has been supporting Camp He Ho Ha with over $22,000 contributed in the last decade alone. Thank you for your longstanding support!
Cheryl Pooke (left) making a presentation of the cheque from the Allin Clinic Social Committee with Joan Nielsen, Camp He Ho Ha Director of Donor Relations
Getting Social Gives Back
The Social Committee of the Allin Clinic in Edmonton selected Camp He Ho Ha as their chosen charity for 2018. Each month the Social Committee held a fundraiser (bake sales, hot dog lunches, crafts, etc.) with funds raised benefiting Camp He Ho Ha. On August 10, 2019 Cheryl Pooke, (one of the members of the Social Committee and a staff member of the Allin Clinic) presented Camp with a cheque for $2,500!   

Kudos to Cheryl Pooke and Laleena Smith for their efforts in organizing these events throughout the year. Your dedication is greatly appreciated!
Giving Tuesday
It will come as no surprise that Camp He Ho Ha is dependent on the generous financial support of the Alberta community to operate our summer programs for individuals with special needs. Please mark your calendars and consider making a financial contribution to help us jump-start our 2020 summer camping season by including us in your holiday gift-giving plans.

Visit our website to learn more about Giving Tuesday and how you can help! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!