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Leaves letting go

Astrologists tell us that October will be a busy month. The winds of change are stirring and opportunity, abundance and creating balance will be possible.

Mercury is retrograde until Oct 18 which means until then, it will be a time for raking over the details of something you've been considering, rather than starting something new. A time to fine-tune your plans for when the energies are pushing you forward.

My latest OWN THE GREY podcasts offer you:
1/ insight into how you may be shooting yourself in the foot
2/ relief from the heaviness you may be feeling - GUIDED MEDITATION

Our latest LUNCH with a HEALER podcasts offer you:
1/ a method of managing your life
2/ ways to be healthier

In this month's BLOG, I share the story of how I restored my composure when covid hit by using tools from my own toolkit. It could be useful for you too!
A Healer's Secrets - How to Climb Out of the Abyss

The story of how a healer restored her composure when covid hit by using tools from her own toolkit.

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Guided Meditation to release judgement, struggle and...

An empowering meditation to lighten the heaviness, to rebalance, and to ground you in these challenging times. In my healing practise, I am witnessing the struggle that many are experiencing as a result of these uncertain times. Even other healers...

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The Helpers Paradox - OWN THE GREY

How to have more energy to do what you're here to do, by moving out of obligation into joy! If you're a caregiver, a parent, or a service provider, you'll want to listen to this.Wil Carlos is an intuitive business coach and belief-clearing expert ...

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Karen explains Kabbalah - LUNCH with a HEALER

One of Karen's passions, is her study of the Kabbalah. In today's episode, Karen explains the basics of Kabbalah.Kabbalah which rose to prominence in social media when Madonna was studying it, is NOT a religion or cult, but more of a philosophy, ...

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5 Top Tips To Balance Hormones Naturally - LUNCH with a...

Today the ladies welcome back Sara Lodge- a registered holistic nutritionist to discuss 5 ways to balance hormones naturally. Sara begins by explaining the importance of hormones in the body and why it is vital to maintain their balance-to en...

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A podcast to change negative attitudes towards ageing and reinstate the reverence it deserves.

Discover ways to age YOUR way and remain vibrant and healthy throughout the BEST YEARS of your life.
Age unveils a greater understanding and perspective on life and motivates us to explore the world around us more deeply.

In our podcast, four women and their special guests offer knowledge and wisdom through a wealth of combined, unique experiences.

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Debra Jones RM is a REIKI MASTER specializing in stress, anxiety & depression. The featured Reiki Master in THE WELLNESS STORY documentary, author of THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER and director of the DEBRA JONES EMPOWERMENT ACADEMY.

Helping those who seek personal development, empowerment, and self-awareness. Known as the 'The Healer's Healer' she performs and teaches a unique range of natural health disciplines and spiritual philosophies that help people to become their best selves.
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