A Healthier Life with Feng Shui
"Health is about more than just your physical health; it’s important to consider your overall wellbeing. Because the tai qi is in the center, it touches all other areas of the bagua. Likewise, your health also affects all areas of your life; if you are feeling healthy, you’re more likely to have success in your relationships, career, finances, and more. This can make the tai qi (the center square of the bagua) a great area to work with if you want to apply feng shui concepts to your home but aren’t sure where to start."

Health is on everyone's minds, no doubt. We believe in the power of Feng Shui, the connection of space to mind and body, and our physical well-being. So, check out our resources and links to boost your soul with our Feng Shui health tips and articles.
Things Feng Shui Experts Place in Their Homes for Good Health
From Reader's Digest and featuring our own Maureen Calamia and Susan M. Chu - learn about plants and flowers, crystals and mirrors - and more! These two experts share their favorite health enhancements and smart ways to use them. "Boost your health and happiness by maximizing the positive energy in your home. Not sure if these tactics will work? They certainly can't hurt!"

14 brilliant and simple tips
How to Solve Health Problems with Feng Shui
From Marina V. Umali, read Marina's top tips for health...
"1. No electronics in the bedroom. The bedroom is the most important because that is where we rejuvenate and get rest. If possible, do not keep your desk/work area in the bedroom. We spend a lot of hours resting and we are most receptive when we are asleep, for that reason electronics near our bodies are not recommended during this time."

from Laurie Pawli of the Feng Shui School of Chicago and Feng Shui School of Sarasota
Feng Shui's Potential Health Benefits
From Forbes and featuring our own Julie Schuster
“My experience is that when people take action on making their homes and workspaces feel and look better to them, they have a sense of feeling stronger, happier and healthier,” says Ann Shippy, MD, a functional medicine doctor in Austin, Texas.

Quick Tip: Feng Shui When you are Sick or Recovering
"Who wants to be sick? Nobody! The importance of feeling vital, healthy, and strong cannot be underestimated. For many people, ‘health is wealth’. The ancient Feng Shui masters truly understood there is a direct relationship between your health and the quality of energy in your home or office space.

"If you are planning an operation or medical procedure, an incredibly useful tool is Date Selection. Date Selection takes a careful look at the Chinese calendar to identify beneficial dates to conduct specific activities and matches the date with the person’s Four Pillars of Destiny chart. It can be used for a wide variety of activities such as signing documents and proposing marriage/getting married, to opening a business and accounts receivable, as well as travelling, and seeking medical treatment. If you are planning to have an operation or are seeking medical treatment and you have the ability to select the date of your procedure, you can prevent a multitude of negative outcomes while speeding recovery."
Final Thoughts...from 1MD, Tips for Your Health
"Once you have applied the basics of feng shui, you can then begin to incorporate all the elements into your home. If you do not have access to lush green plants or a water feature, then you can use feng shui art in its place.

"The energy that flows from a picture of a beautiful, serene lake will be as beneficial as a fountain in your living room. Be mindful of what you see each day as you wake as well as what you see through your day.  

"What you see sets the feng shui stage and allows energy to flow through you and around you. For your health and well-being, make sure that energy is positive."

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