New Ladies First Website!
The Ladies First website has a new home! We have finally joined the Health Department's website. The new website has all of the same resources as the old one, with a fresh look and feel!
Important Changes to Ladies First Covered Services
There are some important changes coming to Ladies First membership benefits. One of our grants is coming to an end this June. This means that starting July 1 st , Ladies First will not be able to cover the cost of heart health screenings and Lifestyle Programs, unless funding is renewed. But don’t worry, Ladies First isn’t going anywhere! Ladies First will continue to cover the cost for breast and cervical cancer screenings, including Pap tests and mammograms, needed diagnostic tests, and provide support and guidance along the way. For more information, including what benefits will be affected and what other lifestyle programs may be available in your area, please visit our website .
What happens when you find a lump?

Another important way of managing your breast health is knowing how your breasts normally look and feel. Breast self-exams help you tune in to any changes that might occur. 

What happens when you find a lump or skin thickening? There are many kinds of lumps and bumps that can be found in breast tissue and it is impossible to tell by touch whether a lump is cancer. The good news is that 80 percent of lumps are not cancer.

If you find a spot that concerns you, make an appointment with your doctor or nurse right away. You can also call the Ladies First Clinical Navigator to help walk you through the next steps or to help you make an appointment.

Remember- Ladies First pays for breast check appointments, mammograms and any breast diagnostic services that you might need. If you feel something unusual in your breast, have your doctor check it out. 

Adventures in Food
3-Squares Vermont!

Eating healthy can be expensive! 3-Squares Vermont is a program that helps Vermonters stretch their food budgets. The program is federally funded by the Unites States Department of Agriculture and helps bring more dollars into the Vermont economy.

3-Squares money is loaded onto a card and you can use it at most grocery stores, markets, and co-ops.

The money can be used for bread, fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products, and more. It can even be used to buy seeds and plants to start a household veggie garden!

3 Squares also has a great website with information on how to shop, store, prep, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Check it out here!

Many people are eligible for 3 Squares VT and don't even know it!

Think you might qualify?
Move U!
Yoga for lifelong balance and flexibility

Yoga has become a very popular way to get fit and stay fit. But you don’t need a fancy studio to take part in this beneficial activity. You can practice yoga in your own home or even outside!

  • Increased strength (core, legs, and arms)
  • Better balance
  • Increased blood flow
  • Mental health improvement

Watch this video to learn the basics of yoga and then practice some of the moves at home!

These are beginner yoga poses that focus on improving balance, flexibility, and core strength.

Ready to track your physical activity?
Around Vermont
All Aboard The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail!

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is a 93-mile, four-season recreation trail that goes across Northern Vermont. This trail is being built in place of the railroad system that used to run from St. Johnsbury to Swanton. The old rail road ties are being removed and a new surface is being laid that is suitable for walking, bicycling, and even cross country skiing. 33 miles of the trail are ready and open for your enjoyment!

Find out more about the trail here.

Find free maps of the trail here.
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