Ladies First Newsletter
December 2016
Kick Start The New Year
with the Ladies First Fitness Passport!
We know how hard it is to stay active during the Vermont winter. To help you get through these next few months, we are offering this simple January-March fitness calendar to help you track your daily workouts. Keep a record of any time that you spend moving! (Example: "½ mile walk" or "30 minute fitness class.")
Keep an eye out for your calendar in the mail. Once completed, send or email your calendar back to Ladies First (with your name on it) and we will surprise some participants with a heart healthy prize!

Move U!
Sleeping for your health

We are all busy people. It would be nice to have a few more hours in a day. Unfortunately, many of us try to steal those extra hours from our sleep schedules. While we might be able to check a few more things off that never ending list, getting enough sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep has many benefits, including:

Improved memory
Your brain uses sleep time to process your day. It makes links and connections while consolidating and storing memories away.

A healthy heart
Lack of sleep has been associated with higher blood pressure and cholesterol. Lack of sleep has also been associated with higher levels of stress. These factors put you at risk for heart disease and stroke.

Better focus
When you get enough sleep, you are better able to recall those memories that your brain stored away. You also have increased alertness. This alertness helps you make better decisions and prevents injury. As a bonus, you are more creative when you get enough sleep.

Healthy weight
Lack of sleep increases appetite and lowers your energy. Having less energy might make you more likely to over indulge. Being overtired might also make you less motivated to work out.

Click here to see tips for better sleep.

Food Adventures

Having a healthy holiday 

We all have our favorite holiday traditions. It's hard to say no to foods that bring us comfort and bring back happy memories.  Unfortunately, many of these foods are high in salt, sugar and fat. The key is to enjoy in moderation and to cook foods with healthy and wholesome ingredients. 
Here are some tips to enjoy the holidays without gaining unwanted weight:
1. Go on a family (or solo!) walk in the morning and the evening.
2. Plan a group activity or sport during your celebrations.
3. Avoid snacking throughout the day (it's easier to keep track of calories).
4. Share healthy recipes with family members who are cooking.
5. Enjoy small portions and watch the temptation to go back for seconds (you can always have leftovers!). Enjoy the foods that you usually only have once a year.
6. Fill most of your plate with veggies.
7. Savor the meal (eat slowly!).
a. Leave the table after eating (so you aren't tempted to eat more).
8. Keep alcohol calories in mind.
a. Drink lots of water.
9. Focus on family and friends, the holidays are a great time to reconnect and make new memories, with or without food. 
Around Vermont

New Year's Eve 5k
Saturday, December 31, 2016 at 2pm
(Montpelier, VT)
Come join other Central Vermont Runners for your last race of 2016!

First Run 2017
Sunday, January 1
st, 2017
(Burlington, VT)
This race can be as fast and furious or as fun and festive as you like. Walkers, joggers, runners, and strollers are all welcome and costumes are encouraged.

Craftsbury Winter Triathlon and 5k Snowrun
Saturday, January 21
st, 2017 (Craftsbury, VT)
This race will take place at the 400 acre Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Racers may choose a 5k snow run, a 15km triathalon, or they can get a team together for a 15km triathlon.

Here's to a healthier you!