The Ladies First Quarterly Newsletter
Who's that calling?
The Ladies First team wants to talk with you!

The Ladies First team members, Siobhan, Emmy and Kerri, have been working to connect with Ladies First members.

Our mission is to help every member stay up to date with the right breast, cervical and heart health screenings. These phone calls can take less than five minutes and help us learn more about your screening history and what you might need next. We also like to get to know you a little more and see if there are other services that we can help you with like transportation to your appointments or help with applying for other services.

So if you see a missed call from Ladies First, please give us a call back. We would love to hear from you!
Siobhan Donegan
Lifestyle Program Coordinator
Kerri Frenya
Clinical Navigator
Emmy Woodley
Member Services and Outreach Coordinator
Lifestyle Programs are Up and Running
Ladies First is excited to offer Lifestyle Programs and fitness memberships to members over the age of 40!

Members must be up to date on their screenings, including a mammogram and Pap test (if applicable) and a heart health screening. The heart health screening should include your height, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar and cholesterol if your doctor recommends it. Ladies First can pay for these tests.

Lifestyle Programs include:

Want to join a Lifestyle Program or fitness center?

Simply make an appointment with your doctor or nurse to have your height, weight and blood pressure measured. You can also have your blood sugar and cholesterol checked. Have your doctor or nurse fax or mail the results to Ladies First. Our Lifestyle Program Coordinator, Siobhan, will reach out to you when we receive the results.
The Incredible (Edible?) Egg
Eggs have gotten a bad reputation over the years because they are high in cholesterol. The good news is that there is no proven connection between cholesterol that you eat and your blood cholesterol level. Studies have shown no connection between eating eggs and getting heart disease. They are even safe for people with diabetes to eat (up to three whole eggs per week).

Whole eggs have many nutrients including Vitamins B12, B2, A, B5, and Selenium. With about 75 calories per egg and 6 grams of protein, they are a healthy and filling choice for any meal of the day.

There are many ways to cook eggs. Boiling and poaching are the lowest calorie options. Scrambled and baked eggs are great opportunities to add some extra veggies. Cook the eggs until the yoke is set to avoid getting sick. Just make sure you don't overcook your eggs, doing so reduces the nutritional value.

Not all eggs are created alike! Although there are no health differences between brown and white shelled eggs, there are some eggs that offer more health benefits. "Designer Eggs" include eggs from chickens that are fed diets with a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help improve heart health.

So next time you are at the grocery store or the farmers' market, pick up some eggs!
Try these healthy egg recipes!
Join the Ladies First Facebook Community
The Ladies First Facebook Page offers more than you might think!

Did you know that Ladies First offers monthly health and fitness challenges? These challenges are a part of the Ladies First Fitness Calendar and are encouraged throughout the month on the Facebook Page.

Some examples include:
  • Step Challenge: Add 50 steps per day to your normal step count
  • Water Drinking Challenge: Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  • Fruit and Veggie Challenge: Add a fruit or veggie to every meal
  • Plank Challenge: Hold a 30 second plank or modified plank every day

So what are you waiting for? Join the 1,000 plus members for motivation, inspiration and encouragement!

And follow along throughout the year with the Ladies First Fitness Calendar, download it here or request one to be sent in the mail.
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