November 2015

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November Newsletter
A Healthy, Happy Office

Maximum productivity in the workplace is a goal for all business owners and managers. While there are many different strategies and products that promise to help acheive this, one of the easiest is often overlooked: Helping your staff stay healthy. A business suffers when employees are absent due to illness. Presenteeism, or attending work while sick, has an even more negative effect on a company. According to the Harvard Business Review, presenteeism costs businesses more than $150 billion each year. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy place of business:
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects such as counters, keyboards, phones, and drinking faucets.
  • Regularly wipe down your own desk. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are great for this.
  • Don't forget the breakroom! Faucets, coffee-pot handles, and microwave buttons need disinfecting too.  
  • Keep cleaning products and hand-sanitizers easily accessible for all employees.
Great River Office Products carries all of the supplies you need to mantain a germ-free workplace, even as we head into the cold and flu season. Our convenient online ordering and local delivery means you will never run out of essentials such as tissues, hand-sanitizers, and cleaning products.

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