A Heart-Filled 2023 Ahead

The new year is always a wonderful time for new beginnings, new intentions, and a brand new start. We get to wipe the slate clean -- letting go of our experiences and lessons in 2022, and setting intention for what we want to see in the year ahead. Yes, there are always some stragglers from the previous year to which we must attend, but if we really want to make changes for 2023, we must do the footwork. Here's what J.T. says about this:

Yes, new beginnings are here! You are being given the opportunity for a do-over! Actually, you can do a "do-over" anytime you want. Many of you feel especially empowered at the beginning of the calendar year because it is a separation from the previous year. As humans, you may feel you need an excuse to change your life and how you participate in it. I am here to say that we give you "permission" to change anything you desire right now.

The key to making these changes is the HEART. If you can't feel it, you can't live it. Creating a heart-filled 2023 is all about expanding the energy in your heart to include what you desire to change. I will give you an example.

Let's say you want to change the way others treat you. You are tired of having everyone tell you what they want -- never considering what you want. My question to you is how do you feel about yourself? Do you feel deserving of this consideration? Do you feel like you must come second to everyone? The key to changing how others treat you is changing how you feel in your heart about YOU.

That is just one example of how the feeling in your heart affects your reality. We acknowledge making these changes may feel overwhelming, after all, you have been in this "feeling" for many years. We have some suggestions, though, we hope will help:

  1. Remember, it's a new year! You have permission to change what isn't working for you anymore.
  2. Rewrite your heart messages -- you can create mantras and messages for your heart that will shift your feelings - "I DESERVE ______. I feel this in my heart and with all my being!"
  3. You are strong, capable, and DIVINE! You are such a powerful energy! Tune into this very powerful heart energy, bringing this into every cell in your body.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Please remember, you were not created to be perfect. It is your imperfections which set you apart from others. You wanted to learn from this imperfect state. This is why you came here! So it only makes sense you will need to practice making these changes. Don't be discouraged if the changes don't take place overnight. Keep practicing and you will get there! You can have a heart-filled 2023!

As always, I am here, your guides are here, and your special helpers are here to assist. We have a special session for you if you do need some guidance - Heart Filled 2023 Session. We are here to help!

Make 2023 a Heart-Filled year, full of change and movement to where you want to go! This is the year, and you are the Divine soul to do it!


Healing Yourself and Others In 2023

Check out the latest Reiki classes, including Animal Reiki!

Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Learn to Heal Yourself and Others!

In this class, we learn how to use Reiki energy to help heal our own bodies - physical, emotional, mental and energetic - and how to share this healing energy with others.

Anyone can learn Reiki! It is a Universal energy available to all of us. It is also very powerful in clearing energy, raising vibration, and helping our physical bodies to heal. Reiki has changed my life, and the life of my family. I hope you can join me for this powerful Zoom workshop!

When: Mondays, Jan 9th & 16th 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern

Where: via Zoom

Class Fee: $430 $333 - Fee can be broken into 2 payments


Usui/Crystalline Reiki Master Teacher

We need more teachers to help heal the planet!

We are in a critical phase on our planet. It has been scientifically shown that we are all connected energetically. What I feel, you feel, and vice versa. Raising the frequency of the planet and the humans that reside here is imperative for our next phase of growth.

Reiki, and teaching others how to use Reiki, is a simple, highly effective way to get this done!

Reiki raises vibration, whether you are receiving a Reiki treatment, learning Reiki, and especially, when you are teaching Reiki!

If you are already a Reiki Master, and have been using Reiki for at least six months, we hope you join this Usui/Crystalline Reiki Master Teacher class! If you are already a Reiki Master Teacher, this class will upgrade your Reiki energy to Crystalline Reiki, a highly advanced, Divine Feminine energy that is very powerful, and designed to assist us in getting the planet to those high frequencies!

When: Thursdays, Jan 12th/19th & Feb 2nd, 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern

Where: via Zoom

Class Fee: $800 $600 - Usually, this class through other teachers is much more expensive. We want to keep this affordable, and the fee can be broken into 3 payments if needed.


Animals LOVE Reiki!

Learn How to Help Heal Your Fur Babies!

Animal Reiki Certification

This class is for current Usui Reiki Level II Practitioners. If you are not a Level II Practitioner, join our Level 1&2 class on January 9th! Click here for info on the Reiki 1&2 class

Reiki assists with physical, emotional, mental and energetic healing.

Our fur babies can't always tell us what's wrong. No matter what the issue, Reiki can help! Reiki is a high frequency energy that helps the body to heal itself. But not just on a physical level. Reiki can also assist with anxiety, food issues, depression and other mental/emotional issues, just as it does with humans.

Animal Reiki is very simple to learn, and can help you to help your fur babies. Please contact me if you have any questions! Hope to see you in class!

When: Tuesdays, Jan 24th/31st, 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern

Where: via Zoom

Class Fee: $495 $295 - Usually, this class through other teachers is much more expensive. We want to keep this affordable, and the fee can be broken into 2 payments if needed.


Animal Reiki Master Teacher Class

Become a Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher!

Teach others how to help heal our furry friends!

Our animals can't always communicate with us what they need. We know something is wrong, but we don't know what. Becoming a Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher can help you help others to help our fur babies. We will learn all about how to connect energetically with the animal through the Animal Reiki symbol, as well as all about how animal chakras work and where they are located.

The instruction includes:

  • Learning about animal chakras
  • How working with animals differs from their human companions
  • The Animal Reiki Symbol activation
  • Using the Animal Reiki Certification manual
  • Access to all manuals and information to use in your own classes free of charge.
  • Animal Reiki Master Teacher Manual
  • Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

Since this is a Zoom class, we will be using our own animals or substitutes for practice, such as stuffed animals as representatives.

Please note: This class is for current Reiki Master Teachers. If you are not a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, join our January class! Click here for information about our Reiki Master Teacher Program!

When: Tuesdays, Feb 21st/28th, 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern

Where: via Zoom

Class Fee: $495 $295 - Usually, this class through other teachers is much more expensive. We want to keep this affordable, and the fee can be broken into 2 payments if needed.


Free Monthly Meditations via Zoom

Join Us...To Clear, To Receive, To Brighten!

In these intention meditations, we will use Universal energy for intention setting, and connect to the Crystalline Grid. Beginners welcome! We will be doing a meditation, so be sure to have a quiet space available!

Please note, these meditations will not be recorded.

Thursday, January 5th

Wednesday, February 1st

Tuesday, March 7th

Wednesday, April 5th

Thursday, May 4th

Wednesday, June 21st

Monday, July 3rd

All Meditations via Zoom

4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Central, 7:30pm Eastern

Class Fee: FREE


New Office Location!

Cape Royal Office Building, Cocoa Beach, FL

Now Seeing In-Person Clients in Cocoa Beach, FL!

I am excited to announce the return of In-Person sessions...just a different location and state. I will be seeing clients out of the Cocoa Beach Offices located in the Cape Royal office building, just steps away from the ocean!

If you are in the Space Coast area, or beyond, I would love to connect with you in my new location! Use the button below to see availability!


In-Person Loveland Sessions!

Wednesday, April 12th!

I have limited availability on Wednesday, April 12th for In-Person Sessions in Loveland! Use the button below to see the schedule!

These sessions will be at the Front Range Business Center.


Zoom and Phone Sessions:

Do They Really "Work?"

"Don't you have to be in person to get a reading?"

I get this question regularly when people are scheduling with me. 99% of my sessions and trainings are done remotely, either by phone or Zoom. This begs the question...HOW?

When I am doing a session for you, regardless of what type of session it is, I am tuning into higher frequency energy, whether that energy is your guides, your loved ones who have passed, or your pets on the Rainbow Bridge. I do not require you to be in front of me when I tune into these energies because, even though they are connected to you, your physical connection with me is not required. I am tuning into them, not you.

Even when we are doing a psychic reading, whether for you or your pets, I am still tuning into energy. It doesn't matter where that energy physically is. I have trained extensively to connect with energy regardless of its geographical location.

If you have heard other psychics or mediums say that they are not able to do it this way, it doesn't mean they are doing it "wrong" or aren't skilled. It just means they are not trained to receive information from energy in this way.

I know from the human perspective, it is always wonderful to be able to see, feel, hear, smell, and all of the other senses, but please know physical connection is not required! I have clients all over the world, and our sessions are just as effective as if they were sitting across from me in the office.

If you are curious how this all works and wanted to give it a try, I do have Mini-Sessions (15 minutes) which are done via phone. Click the button below for more information on Mini-Sessions, and to schedule your session!


Free Event at Wags and Purrs Specialty Pantry in Melbourne, FL

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