What’s Behind the Uproar in Jerusalem?
How can one be a refugee in one’s own land? They are refugees outside their country, because they have not been allowed to come back to live anywhere in the land. Many have never even been allowed to visit.
By Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
Palestinian Nakba of 1948
In this article, we will delve more into the events predating 1948 which eventually led to the catastrophic turning point in Palestinian history and a dark moment of our times.

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac‘s Speech
Earlier this month, Bethlehem Bible College launched the book The Promised Land: A Theological Reading in the Palestinian Context by Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, the Academic Dean of the College.
Four More Leaders Into The World
As the resilient people we are, we keep moving, living, learning, and teaching life. At BethBC, we are doing our best to raise up Palestinian Christian leaders to be influencers in their communities and the world!
  • for a continuous cease-fire in the Holy Land.
  • for wisdom and effectiveness for the ministries that are reaching out to the people of Gaza who suffered great loss during these days, and that they will sense the love of Jesus. 
  • for our summer programs, which include outreaches and summer camps to the community of Bethlehem. 
  • that the Lord will send us new students for the Fall semester as registration is now open. 
  • for our online students who just begun their third semester for this year. We have around 70 students enrolled this semester.