May 2019 - In This Issue:

   A Historic Partnership

Dalio Philanthropies and the State of Connecticut have launched a partnership to raise $300 million to benefit youth ages 14-24 and under-resourced communities throughout Connecticut as part of a five-year initiative.  The partnership's mission is to expand upward mobility in Connecticut by connecting disengaged and disconnected high school-aged youth to educational and career opportunities, and by supporting under-resourced communities through microfinance and social entrepreneurship. 
MJC has been proud to work with Barbara Dalio and Dalio Philanthropies for several years to strengthen public education in Connecticut through collaboration.
Reflecting Barbara's approach and values, the new partnership launched with an aspirational vision and clarity around the goals for benefiting youth and communities.  However, Governor Lamont and Dalio Philanthropies intentionally left many of the details open to be shaped and finalized with community input so the partnership is truly inclusive and impactful.  As the work moves forward, the partnership will collaborate with diverse stakeholders to ensure that community voice and input shape programming design and help advance positive outcomes as quickly and sustainably as possible.

Through the Lens

Our client Dominion Energy, along with Governor Ned Lamont and Connecticut's two major utilities, have come to an agreement to keep Millstone nuclear power plant open and operating for at least 10 years. The recent announcement at Millstone in Waterford, Connecticut came as the Governor celebrated his 100th day in office. Former MJC'er Dean Pagani has been producing compelling photo essays and beautifully captured the event. See his website

Score One for Hartford
This past weekend, Hartford Athletic - Connecticut's new professional soccer team - took to the field for its inaugural home game. The match against the Charlotte Independence drew more than 11,000 fans. It was played at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, the team's temporary site until renovations are completed at Hartford's Dillon Stadium. Dillon is expected to be ready for the team's July 13th home game against the Indy Eleven.  

According to, " more than four out of 10 people consider themselves soccer fans, making the game the world's most popular sport," which probably comes as no surprise to soccer fans in Connecticut.  The good news is that now the state has a team to call its own.

MJC helped the team's owners establish the Athletic, assisting as they negotiated control of Dillon Stadium, unveiled their name and logo, and filled the team's roster. 

Despite the game ending in a tie score, we think it's a major win for the City of Hartford. The next home game is scheduled for Friday, May 10th. 

Cathy Malloy

A Conversation with Former First Lady of Connecticut, Cathy Malloy, CEO of the Greater Hartford Arts Council

How has life changed for you after serving as First Lady of Connecticut for 8 years? Is returning to "private life" difficult or a welcome change?

Serving the State of Connecticut for the past 8 years was an incredible opportunity and honor. Living in Hartford at The Residence was also a wonderful and memorable period of our lives.   Dan and I were always able to keep a good balance between our private and public life so the transition was not very difficult, although I will say that we are thrilled to have our own home again and a bit more privacy.  

Your husband hasn't been allowed to drive a car in 8 years. How's he doing behind the wheel?

Dan started back to work the Monday after the inauguration which required him to get behind the wheel pretty quickly!   He is doing great and he loves being back in Boston teaching at his Alma Mater, Boston College Law School for the Spring Semester.  

How have you seen the Hartford arts scene change? What role do the arts play here in Hartford?

We are incredibly fortunate to live in the City of Hartford. The city is so rich in the arts, culture and history. The arts continue to play a very significant role in driving the economy, providing an incredible quality of life, promoting the diversity of the region and its citizens, enhancing our educational system, insuring a healthy and happy lifestyle and contributing to the safety of our citizens.   Who knew the Arts could do all that!?  

Read more of our conversation with Cathy Malloy on our website.