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December 1, 2020
Emilio, a veteran, called CARPLS in a panic when he lost his job due to COVID-19 and was about to lose his home. Our attorney guided him through the process of forbearance. Emilio said, “When my call ended, I felt a peace of mind and knew what I needed to do to move forward.”

Mary also called CARPLS, asking about possibly filing for bankruptcy. The CARPLS attorney advised Mary about her rights and referred her to a legal aid partner who specializes in bankruptcy issues. Mary said, "I was beyond stressed out when I first called, but after talking to CARPLS, a lot of my stress is relieved. Thank you."

Like Emilio and Mary, so many people are reaching out to CARPLS attorneys to ask which bill to pay first to preserve their homes and income—as credit and precious resources are running out. For our community, the holidays will be a reminder of the life-altering issues that have been compounded by the pandemic.

CARPLS works to make the legal system inclusive and to break down walls for our clients who are representing themselves. We have used technological innovation and the empathy of our staff to lead our community towards true access to justice.

86 cents of every dollar we raise goes directly into client services. Your dollars matter and make an important difference in creating access to justice that has a lifetime impact. New and increased gifts will be matched.

We hope you will consider supporting CARPLS in these challenging times.
Nothing More Important Than
Justice At A Time Like This:
Hear from our CARPLS family on why supporting
us for the holidays helps our community for the better!
CARPLS Paralegal Grisel Medina is amazed at CARPLS' work to help others during the pandemic.
CARPLS Professionals Board member Priya Desai thinks we need to band together amidst crisis.
CARPLS Staff Attorney Shama Ahmed helps clients move forward with their lives, one legal question at a time.
CARPLS Staff Attorney Ian Turnipseed believes in helping everyone, regardless of circumstance.
CARPLS Expands Programs for
Cannabis Expungement, COVID-19
Help, and Housing & Debt Protection
CARPLS is proud to be the leading partner for New Leaf Illinois, a statewide, state-funded initiative made up of 20 non-profit organizations throughout Illinois who provide free legal representation or legal information to people who want their cannabis convictions off their record.

We know the legal system can seem intimidating. New Leaf is here to help each step of the way.

New Leaf Illinois believes in equal justice for all those who were previously arrested or convicted for cannabis use, production and sale.

Together, we are committed to righting the wrongs of the war on drugs by bringing free assistance to individuals impacted by cannabis convictions.
This is the first CARPLS project that was built and launched remotely, so this is a unique time in our organization’s history. Though the pandemic has shaken many things up, our services are expanding to help even more people in need.

As our CARPLS team is busy at work with the launch of New Leaf, let's take a moment to hear about their motivation.

Going Back to their Roots in Criminal Justice

For Geneva Brown, a new staff attorney at CARPLS, cannabis expungement is an area she’s been passionate about for many years.

“I’ve seen the consequences of the extreme end of cannabis arrests and how it affected their families. Coming to CARPLS is a natural progression so that I can help a wide variety of people on the back end. It's an amazing opportunity for people to clear their cannabis records and wipe their slate clean."
CARPLS is proud to present COVID H.E.L.P. Illinois.

COVID HELP (Housing and Economic Loss Prevention) is a joint project of CARPLS and other Illinois legal aid agencies who understand the cascade of legal problems the pandemic has unleashed on Illinois families.

Low income and newly impoverished Illinois families will have to face life-altering difficulties related to housing, employment, income, debt and loss of a loved one.

The legal aid community has prepared for this situation and is ready to help.
Thanks to the generous support of the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois, and the strong teamwork of the Illinois legal aid community, COVID HELP is here to assist Illinoisans facing these legal issues.

Our online bot team includes help with housing, tenancy, employment, unemployment, probate, and consumer issues, such as debt.
CARPLS is also proud to be a partner of The Early Resolution Program — the first of several programs operated under the new Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt (CCLAHD) initiative. It will provide free legal assistance, counseling, pre-court mediation and case management for residents and landlords dealing with evictions and delinquent property taxes.
Register For Our CLE On December 4!
This one hour CLE presented by CARPLS Legal Aid will explore:

  • The legal aid landscape in the greater Chicagoland area;
  • The role of CARPLS Legal Aid and brief legal services is serving low income clients;
  • What clients get legal aid and unfortunately who does not;
  • How the COVID pandemic has affected clients, legal aid organizations and their work;
  • The expected "wave" of COVID related legal issues that is coming soon;
  • How the legal aid community is rallying to address the ongoing crisis;
  • What you can do as a pro bono attorney to help address this coming need.

The session objective is to increase the lawyer's understanding of the need for legal aid in Illinois, how CARPLS Legal Aid is addressing that need, and the importance of pro bono volunteering especially during the COVID pandemic.

CARPLS has applied for 1 hour of Illinois professional responsibility course credit for this CLE session.
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