Now it was a very humble beginning as the warehouse that was bought was in shambles, but with the introduction of income came an increase in repairs. Which in turn created more income. What really changed Dixie Cullen from the other warehousing companies was Catherine’s ideas, which in comparison to others in the industry was revolutionary.

Like many success stories, Dixie Cullen came about from humble beginnings, an accident, and hopeful dreams. In 1995 Catherine James, the owner and founder of Dixie Cullen Interests, was working for her father in a machinery relocation business when one of their customers' overseas import permits was pulled. This could prevent their machinery from being relocated overseas for up to two years. When the needs of a customer arose, that is when Mrs. James envisioned the opportunity that turned into something great. With a little help from a trucker and the best of family support, Dixie Cullen Interests, Inc. was born. With the goal of being a premier machinery storage facility servicing customers from around the globe.
SF Rail Yard
Early on, one of Dixie Cullen’s customers came to inspect equipment that was being held in our warehouse. Seeing so much extra room the customer let it be known that he had 80 truckloads of steel and wanted to store with us. We at the time only knew Machinery storage, but this did not deter Catherine, a new service was born.
Now 25+ years later we have incorporated to the needs of our customers for value-added services ranging from Foreign Trade Zone to Climate control. All on the request of our loyal and dear customers.
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