Volume 65 Issue 4 June 2020
Club News just for you!
June 10, 1908 - First flying club and civil airport established. Aeronautical Society chartered at New York City, and Morris Park air field established.
2020 Board of Directors

President: Alex Justo
Vice President:Jeff DuBois
Secretary: Phil Zolner
Treasurer: Dave Williamson
Board Trustee:  Guy Virone
Board Trustee:  Vincent DiPrenda
Board Trustee:: Cheryl Pappa
Board Trustee: George Killeen
Board Trustee:  Steve Adams
Board Trustee:  Greg Valvo

Club Contacts

Aircraft Trustees
N40JA: Robert Bell
N41JA: Brian Randolph
N43JA:  George Killeen
N44JA: Greg Valvo
N73335: Brett Paulus

Committee Chairperson
Membership: Cheryl Papa
Publicity: Scott Pellicone
Finance: Eli Korn
By-Laws: Dave Williamson
Vortex Newsletter: Nathan Montanez
Wash & Wax: Frank Duelly
FSS Chair: Kitty Flakker
New Equipment: Greg Hill
Rules: Jim Bemiss

Chief Instructor: John Impaglia
6 professional development tips for aspiring pilots

If you’re one of the many thousands who one day aims to make a career as a pilot, there is plenty of advice and helpful tips to be mindful of as you begin your career path that are sure to pay dividends in the future.

Congratulation to Alex Justo for earning his CFI rating!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Club Wash and Wax scheduled for June 6 - 8am (June 7 rain date)

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Getting Ready For Summer
Thanks to JAC members Joel Terry, Alex Price, Julius Fernandez, and non-member JAC instructor Mike Larrauri for recently assembling picnic tables for JAC and MAFC use. Thanks also to Charles Burke of MAFC and Jeff DuBois for organizing. Next project is get the MAFC grill working. See you for burgers and hot dogs soon!

Special thanks to Jeff DuBois for the story.
Real Pilot Story: Underwater Escape
For many pilots, the prospect of crash landing in water is one of the most terrifying things in aviation. Bryan Webster has been there, done that, and says they’re right to be afraid. Listen as he tells the tale of a wild flight that ended in the drink, and shares some of the knowledge he’s gained in 15 years of teaching water egress techniques.

In Praise Of Analog Gauges

Like most questions in life, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but the prevailing wisdom suggests it’s better to start on steam and transition to glass than vice versa.
Have you flown during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Yes - Solo Only
Yes - With Family Only
No Way!
I've Flown, but not in club planes
I'll fly with whomever. COVID-SCHMOVID!
How the Airplane’s Fuselage Has More in Common With Bugs Than Birds

Creepy as it might be, “bugs” and their cousins might be a more apt analogy for an airplane than a bird. For starters, a modern airplane’s fuselage functions as both a skin and a skeleton, a feature that resembles an arthropod more closely than members of the avian family.
Flight Instructor Lounge:

The first instructor you work with could feel like the perfect match, but make sure that personality isn’t all that’s driving the relationship. Good instructors will demonstrate their attention to detail through use of a syllabus (or standard course of training), their preflight preparation, and feedback to you during the post-flight briefing.


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