Volume 82 Issue 2 May 2020
Club News just for you!
Happy Birthday Harriet Quimby! Born 5/15/1875 - 1st female private pilot
New Dues Increase and Lower Aircraft Rates Go Into Effect in May
  • $65/month for flying members.

  • N40JA - $82
  • N41JA - $97
  • N73335 - $103
  • N43JA - $143
  • N44JA - $165
Important Bylaw Updates:

  • Minimum Time as a monthly pre-paid obligation to be restored effective June 2020
  • New section to Rule 20C prohibiting student night flights

Not all-inclusive update of bylaw updates.
2020 Board of Directors

President: Alex Justo
Vice President:Jeff DuBois
Secretary: Phil Zolner
Treasurer: Dave Williamson
Board Trustee:  Guy Virone
Board Trustee:  Vincent DiPrenda
Board Trustee:: Cheryl Pappa
Board Trustee: George Killeen
Board Trustee:  Steve Adams
Board Trustee:  Greg Valvo

Club Contacts

Aircraft Trustees
N40JA: Robert Bell
N41JA: Brian Randolph
N43JA:  George Killeen
N44JA: Greg Valvo
N73335: Brett Paulus

Committee Chairperson
Membership: Cheryl Papa
Publicity: Scott Pellicone
Finance: Eli Korn
By-Laws: Dave Williamson
Vortex Newsletter: Nathan Montanez
Wash & Wax: Frank Duelly
FSS Chair: Kitty Flakker
New Equipment: Greg Hill
Rules: Jim Bemiss

Chief Instructor: John Impaglia

Spring is here, which means warmer weather is on the way for many parts of the United States. As the seasons change, pilots must also prepare for changing environmental and weather challenges, too. Keep these spring flying tips in mind before your next flight.


Until further notice, if you are creating tickets and/or dropping off checks at the trailer, would you please mail your checks, tickets and gas receipts to our Farmingdale post office:

Jersey Aero Club
PO BOX 2310
Farmingdale, NJ 07727-2310
Checkride: Choose Wisely
Selecting your designated pilot examiner
If you’re nearing the completion of your pilot training, there is still one more important decision before your big day: choosing a designated pilot examiner (DPE).

I'll Never Do This Again!
"I'll Never Do This Again!" is a Vortex series where pilots ‘fess up about mistakes they’ve made but lived to tell about. Almost every pilot has one and we're asking for your story. Submissions can be made anonymously. The aim is not to embarrass or demean the author, but to offer lessons that other pilots can learn (and hopefully avoid).

In this series, a member lives to tell the tale of a stupid decision that could have killed him.

If you have a story to tell, email us at: jerseyaerovortex@gmail.com
Why Frustration is an Important Part of Flight Training

Are you sometimes frustrated in your flight training? Does it feel like the more landings or instrument approaches you practice, the worse you get?
20 Tips For IFR Flying
Those who operate in IMC long enough are bound to learn a little about it, so here's Plane & Pilot's list of 20 tips for IFR flying. Some of these aren't exactly revelationary, others are more all-encompassing. We hope you'll find at least one that helps simplify the sometimes complicated IFR process.

What piloting skill do you feel you need to work on most?
Radio work
IFR Approaches
Emergency Procedures
Where in the world?
Have you seen this airport?
Flight Instructor Lounge:

Most simulations of engine failure during training conclude after the flight instructor and student glide to a low but safe altitude and then evaluate whether the bid to reach the landing site would have succeeded.

Results from our April Survey