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August 27, 2019
6 Resources for Financial and Other Professional Service Organizations

Need motivation and a reason to consider integrating values-based, end-of-life conversations into your organizational workflow? Or perhaps you are ready, and just need some simple steps to help you get started? Check out these resources, which we hope will ignite your thinking, tug at your heart, and spring you into action.
Cultural and Ethnic Considerations for Healthcare Professionals

We recognize that how/if people have the conversation and/or engage in discussions about end-of-life care is informed by their cultural identities. With that, we believe that it is crucial that healthcare professionals are equipped with the knowledge and resources to have meaningful conversations with their patients of all cultural/ethnic backgrounds. Below are some resources to support healthcare professionals as they grow in this area.

Ethno Geriatrics Training modules from from Stanford School of Medicine for health care providers to raise awareness of specific cultural, racial, and ethnic influences on health and health care of older people from specific ethnic backgrounds.

Phyllis R. Coolen: Cultural Relevance in End-of-Life Carean article addressing three major areas of cultural relevance in end-of-life care: cultural competency in clinical practice; advance directives; and pain management.

Avoiding Cultural Assumptions in Palliative Care --An Interview with Two Sojourns Scholarsan episode from Cambia Health Solutions' HealthChangers Podcast.

Video: A Soul Doctor and a Jazz Singer

At the end of Dolly Baker's life, one doctor asked a question that made all the difference to her, to her care providers and her family. He asked simply:  "what would make today a good day for you?" He got to the heart of his patient, and with deep respect asked what mattered to her, not "what was the matter with her..."
Watch this video where 92 year-old Baker, a former professional jazz singer, does what matters most her: singing "What a Wonderful World".

Entertainment Takes on Death and Dying

It's no surprise that as of late there has been several movies and shows released that address the issue of death and dying. From the latest cinematic film  The Farewell to HBO's  Alternative Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America , these movies are prompting our culture to rethink the way we approach end-of-life conversations. 

Our research has shown us that people are fascinated by and want to discuss death and dying but just don't know how. These new films are breaking the ice. But what happens when the film is over? What can you do next? Click here to access our When the Lights Go Up guide --designed to help  people begin incorporating the conversation into their lives after watching a movie (or reading a book) related to end-of-life. 

Email us your thoughts about the guide and/or any other relevant movies/shows you think we should know about:

Conversation Sabbath

Join the hundreds of congregations taking part in Conversation Sabbath, sharing each faith's teachings on this critical topic and supporting congregants in having the conversation in familiar settings, and not during a medical crisis in the ICU. Click here to register for our  Conversation Sabbath newsletter and click here to visit our faith page.
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