September 2018 ~ Newsletter
Beneficiary of the Month
June and July
The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) recognizes beneficiaries who have shown a strong willingness to do what is needed to be successful in the program. We do this to acknowledge the hard work that individuals have already put into the program and to encourage them to continue making forward progress. We would like to congratulate the June and July Beneficiaries of the Month: Johnl Davis (June) and BJ Sagryn (July). Well done and congratulations!
Congratulations to our Beneficiary of the Month for June, Johnl Davis (pictured left). Johnl came into The Salvation Army ARC program on February 23rd, 2018 and will graduate on September 12th, 2018. Johnl shared a little bit with us about how his life was before he came to the program:

"Work through the week get high and drunk on the weekends, repeat. No goals or expectations just day to day being alive."

We are glad that Johnl made the decision to enter the program! We are excited that he has stayed committed to that choice throughout the process and that he will soon be graduating. It is beneficial for us to understand what brings people here, so we asked Johnl what helped him decide to begin the journey here and if there were any struggles along the way. We learned that Johnl had actually been sober for 90 days prior to beginning the program, but he felt that he was forcing things and didn't have a real willingness to stay sober.

"I knew I couldn't drink and continue living life the way I had been. I needed a place where I could gain some structure in order to maintain my sobriety."

We are truly grateful when someone reaches out for help because they realize that they can't do it on their own. Johnl said that he feels he has made more progress than he expected since he's committed to the recovery process at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. He acknowledges that there were certain things about himself that he ignored, which may have fueled his behavior in additction. He also explained that his spiritual life has been restored and renewed to a point where he is able to trust all things to Christ.

Johnl's work therapy assignment is in the canteen at the ARC. The canteen is a place where men and women in the program can enjoy one another's company and get snacks, leftover food, drinks etc. Johnl started his journey here sorting and stacking clothes in the basement, but has spent the majority of his time working in the canteen. He told us that his time in the canteen has been a growth opportunity for him.

". . . [the canteen] took me out of my comfort zone . . . I have to interact with a lot of personalities I otherwise would avoid."

We appreciate the job that Johnl has done in the canteen and for embracing the opportunity to grow even though it may have been uncomfortable. The Salvation Army aims not only to encourage a healthy, sober lifestyle, we also hope that the men and women who complete the program gain a desire to help other's in need. This often takes shape in many different capacities and Johnl expressed his desire to help those leaving treatment centers by opening a sober house. He wants to help make the transition--from rehab to independent living--a successful one.

We are extremely proud of you and grateful for you, Johnl Davis!
Congratulations to our Beneficiary of the Month for July: BJ Sagryn (pictured right). BJ shows great work ethic and takes his recovery seriously; he has been a blessing to us and we are proud to name him July's Beneficiary of the Month. Mr. BJ Sagryn entered the program on February 13th, 2018 and graduated on August 22nd, 2018.

When asked about his life before coming to The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), BJ said that he was busy most of the time, worked a lot and had some drinks on the weekends. Even though he was often very busy before coming to the ARC, BJ still took time to help others:

"My boss liked me so much we were working 10 hours on 3rd shift and also 6 hours on 1st shift for 3 days a week . . . I like to help friends out."

BJ explained to us that his decision to come to The Salvation Army program was not entirely up to him because it was part of his sentence from the court and his probation officer sent him here. Although BJ describes his life before coming to the ARC as busy and without struggles, he has told us that his time here has really made him think about not drinking at all.

"Well it made me think I really needed help and I never thought of asking God for help . . . I did [think about] how much I lost from drinking. I don't want to have that no more; I want to begin a new life without drinking."

There are a variety of work therapy assignments at The ARC, one of which is a truck helper. As with most things in life, there are pros and cons and the truck helper spot is no exception. Though this assignment is physically demanding, it gives beneficiaries an opportunity to spend time outside the building and interact with people outside the program. BJ has spent the majority of his time at the ARC as a truck helper, and his work ethic and positive attitude have been appreciated. He expressed that he got along well with all the drivers and that he enjoyed being able to spend time with them.

At The Salvation Army ARC, we realize that our 6-month program is just a start to living a life of recovery. Completing the program is something to be celebrated and leaving the program after graduation is a huge step in the recovery process. It's an opportunity for graduates to continue living sober and utilize the tools that they discovered while they were beneficiaries of the program. BJ has set goals for himself that he would like to achieve once he graduates the program to continue his journey in sobriety.

"Well I have a car but [I want] to keep working hard getting my license back, finding my own place again, being a better person to my family, my kids, my new friends and yes, maybe even my ex-wife."

We want to extend one more, huge congratulations to BJ Sagryn and Johnl Davis for earning Beneficiary of the Month and an even bigger congratulations to you both for the progress you've made in your recovery! May God bless your journey!
Thought of the Month
In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us.
1 John 4:10
A person can disobey God...but he cannot disappoint God. A person can sin or rebel against God, and reap God's consequences for that sin...But a person cannot disappoint God. Stop to think about it for a moment. A God who can be disappointed is a God who loves conditionally--a God who loves us when we perform well, and then withdraws His love if we perform badly. The truth of God's love is that His love is unconditional. He loves us at all times with an infinite overwhelming, merciful, gracious, passionate love!
~Charles F. Stanley
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