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March 12, 2018

Dear Dublin Community,
In partnership with Dublin Teachers' Association (DTA), we wanted to inform you of some activities planned at our schools. In response to last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Dublin students are joining those from all over the country in a growing movement to participate in a National School Walkout Day from  10:00-10:17 AM  on  March 14 th  to mark the one month anniversary of the tragedy. Dublin students at the middle school and high school levels are planning activities in support of this event and have been working closely with our teachers and staff to ensure student safety and share student voices.
We will treat these events similarly to past peaceful protests, in that we will not prevent any students from expressing themselves, will focus on safety for all those involved, and provide classroom opportunities for those that choose not to participate. 
Events of this nature offer a way for our students to realize they have  a role to play in our democratic process and their voices matter. With this in mind, teachers and site administrators are working with student leaders to ensure their First Amendment rights are respected, and that they remain in a safe environment.
You will be hearing from your site leaders regarding the specific activities at your secondary school site. We elected to not hold formal events at the elementary sites as participation in such events may increase the sense of fear and anxiety for young children.  
No student will be pressured to go along with the protest--they have a right to receive an education during the instructional day. Teachers will offer safe places for students to go during any planned or spontaneous peaceful demonstration. Each of our secondary schools will have a staffing plan to assure students that protest, and those that remain in class, will have proper supervision.
There will be no disciplinary consequences for leaving class for the protest unless there is a clear Ed Code violation for other behaviors that take place during the demonstration (e.g., vandalism, violence, etc.). If students do participate in the demonstration, they will still be responsible for any classwork they missed.
Please note, any demonstration will be a student-driven initiative, not a public event. These demonstrations are not open to community or parent participation. Adults arriving on campus will need to check in at the office, have a visitor badge, and most importantly, need a legitimate reason to be on campus.  We ask for your support and appreciate your partnership.
We encourage you to talk with your child and remind them of the importance of staying on campus during this event. The district cannot provide supervision for students that leave campus. We want their voices to be heard, and want that to happen in a safe environment. If students leave campus, we will work with local law enforcement to track their whereabouts and ensure safety.
Please contact me if you have any questions.

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