January 18, 2021

Lake Forest Elementary School District 67 Board of Education President Justin Engelland
Lake Forest Community High School District 115 Board of Education President David Lane

We are writing in follow up to the January 14, 2021 Joint Special Meeting of the Lake Forest Elementary District 67 and Lake Forest Community High School District 115 Boards of Education. The primary focus of this meeting was on two related topics: the future of the shared services model across both Districts, and next steps on our search for a new Superintendent.

The two Boards aligned on maintaining a shared services model with plans for further optimization. As a result, the Boards also determined that they would initiate a search for one Superintendent to serve both District 67 and District 115. 

Additionally, the Boards aligned on an expedited process for retaining an executive search firm to assist in identifying and evaluating qualified candidates for Superintendent. To that end, the Board presidents have created a Joint Ad Hoc Subcommittee consisting of three members from each Board who will research, vet, and make a final recommendation to the joint Boards regarding the engagement of a search firm. Members of the Joint Ad Hoc Subcommittee are District 67 Board President Justin Engelland; District 67 Board members Richard Chun, and Suzanne Sands; and District 115 Board members Sally Davis, Dewey Winebrenner, and Jenny Zinser.

Presentations by search firm candidates will be made to the Ad Hoc Joint Subcommittee in an open session scheduled for Thursday evening, January 21 at 5:00 PM. An agenda will be posted to the District 67 and District 115 Board of Education web pages on Tuesday, January 19. It is our intent to seek approval of a search firm as an action item at the upcoming District 67 and District 115 Board meetings.

We will continue to keep the community updated as we engage the new firm and establish a timeline for our search. We will also outline opportunities for significant community input and engagement throughout the process.

As Board Presidents, we know that there is no more important role than leading the selection of a new Superintendent. Our shared commitment is to do so with rigor, inclusion, and transparency.