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Altar flowers this Sunday are are given by Jim Shillock
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While Confirmation has been around in Lutheran Churches for centuries, it is important for us to pause and explore the basic idea behind Confirmation before we begin our journey together. Whether you are beginning your first year of Confirmation instruction or completing your last, it is appropriate to think about the “what” and “why” of Confirmation ministry. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has said:

“Confirmation ministry is a pastoral and educational ministry of the church which helps the baptized person through Word and sacrament to identify more deeply with the Christian community and participate more fully in its mission.”

This definition challenges us to broaden our understanding of confirmation. This ministry is much more than just three years’ worth of classes. To “identify more deeply” and “participate more fully” suggest that, regardless of our age, what God wills for us and has begun in us has not been finished, nor will it be at the completion of the Confirmation program. By the grace of God, we continue –each and every day of our lives –to walk in the newness of Christ Jesus.

Confirmation intends to instruct each individual in how to live out their daily life while walking in the newness of Christ. It teaches us the promises that God has made to us and how we can depend on those promises during our lives. It seeks to make the Christian faith and trust in God not merely an abstract concept, but a personal reality based on the honest beliefs of each person. It encourages us to live out our baptismal identity as God’s children through active participation in the church and society.

Through an in-depth study of scripture, the Sacraments, and Luther’s catechism; and through experiences of worship and the Christian life, students will come to a deeper and more personal understanding of their faith. At the completion of the program, students will be called upon to make a personal, public confession of faith.

Confirmation is A JOURNEY OF FAITH filled with new questions and answers, new discoveries, new relationships, new responsibilities, and new possibilities. Clearly, confirmation is intended to be a milestone, not a destination; it is not graduation! Rather, Confirmation is a tool that equips us for the life-long process of living out Christian identity.

Remember, the Lutheran Church’s educational ministry does not stop after Confirmation Sunday. The church will continue to help all members grow in faith with the community of believers no matter what age!
Bible School...As It Was in 1967
We'd only been members since 1965, so when I was asked to help with Bible School, I didn't have any experience except my own childhood memories. Those were not very pleasant. I come from a small farming community and so many members did not want to bring their kids each day when farm chores were more important. Class sizes of two or three were common for 10 to12 year-olds. Nothing like Bloomington's large population of kids back in '67.
1967 was TLC's Tenth Anniversary, so there was a directory printed. You'd be amazed at all the families with at least three children and some even adding twins later. I was looking for Maybelle Bottomley, who was the Bible School leader for that year. Do you remember that name? It sounds formidable, like she would know what she was doing. That's a good thing, as she had to put up with me! She must have been camera-shy, as there was no picture. That year the “art work” was to be Japanese Origami, which I had never done, but went ahead and taught it anyway. (In later years TLC had a slogan that said “Step Out of the Boat” which meant we should try something out of our comfort zone.) I was so far out of my comfort zone, I might never have found it again.
TLC Confirmation class of the 1960's
See if you still have that '67 directory. The demographics are so different now in TLC's area. We had to divide the confirmation class in half for taking a picture. There was Saturday Sunday School, and all we had for space was one huge room with dividers to make classrooms. We still sat on folding chairs for worship in the sanctuary that had vertical panels of windows. This provided a view out into courtyard where everyone walked to enter the main doors of the church. During Sunday services everyone knew if you were walking in late! Some unfortunate mulch along the windows----small rocks! I can remember Addie Zuehl chasing after kids who were planning to toss a few stones for fun.
Can we ever get those times back again? I don't know. We never dreamed in '67 that confirmation classes would be small, or that there would be a basement under our church, that the sanctuary would have a vaulted ceiling, and there would be air conditioning. (We'd come on Sunday and find the altar candles had bent into a “U” shape overnight.) I guess what's good about life is you don't know what's coming most of the time.
-Bloomington Bird Lady
Summer Reruns?
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If you don’t have a green thumb, you can benefit from those that do. Buy your food from a local farmer’s market to support farmers and good agricultural practices. Fresh food tastes better, is healthier, and helps the environment by eliminating shipping the food which causes a lot of pollution.
Note: The Bloomington Farmer's Market is held every Saturday at the Bloomington Civic Plaza (City Hall), 8:00am to 1:00pm, beginning June 8 and ending October 19.
Ben Cherland
TLC Youth & Family Minister
Wednesday May 8 is our last night together. For some of you it will just be the summer, while for others it could be forever!! So, come celebrate our great year together with a party! Some unsuspecting SGL will be getting a pie in the face by the winner of our Bible knowledge triathlon.
If that’s not your bag, come for the Dodgeball, the Ice Cream Sunday bar, and a whole lot of fun. Wednesday, May 8, 7:00-8:00pm. Don’t miss it!
If you are graduating this year (high school, college, masters or even doctoral degrees) TLC wants to celebrate you at one of the two worship services on Sunday, June 2. This is our opportunity to see what God has made of you through this community and the gifts you’ve been given!

Ben needs four things from you – He wants (to know…)
  • Which service you will be attending
  • Your graduation photo
  • Your full (first, middle and last) name
  • Where you’re heading next year (in the fall)
Send this info to and come to church Sunday, June 2 to be celebrated and sent by the church and God who loves you!
Join Deacon Renee Jefferson and others for an hour of Coffee & Conversation
in the Narthex, Wednesdays at 7:00pm.
Use this friendly tool to enrich your family times with conversation, rituals, prayer, blessings, and service ideas. [Click Here] for this week's edition. See below for all the great things you can read and do!
Please join us for a Potluck lunch following worship on
Sunday, June 2, 11:00am – 1:00pm. 
We will enjoy food, fun and fellowship as we celebrate
TLC’s high school and college graduates!
More information coming mid-May!
By Addie Zuehl
2 cans (3 oz.) crispy french fried onions
1 can (7 oz.) potato sticks
2 cups Spanish peanuts
1/3 cup melted margarine
1&1/4 oz. pkg taco seasoning mix

Combine first 3 ingredients in a 9x13" pan.
Drizzle with melted butter and stir to mix.
Sprinkle with taco seasoning mix - mix well.
Bake at 250 for 30-45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes.
Cool. Serve or store in covered container.
TLC’s Group for Active Adults is beginning again (kicking off, so to speak) with the production
Wednesday, June 12, 2:00pm
Schneider Theater in the Bloomington Center for the Arts
Tickets: $26
Your favorite Rockin Seniors, ALIVE & KICKIN , once again take the stage with an ALL NEW spectacular musical production of stories and songs.  LOVE is ALIVE & KICKIN  is a musical journey that boldly reflects the true to life roller-coaster ride of our hearts and the many flavors of love! Fasten your seat belt and join the wild ride!
Reserve your ticket through a check to TLC or cash with subject line: Alive & Kickin
[Click Here] for online ticket reservations to the Women's Retreat "Faith Reflections."
We also ask you to bring a purse you no longer need and/or personal items to fill them with. We'll fill the purses during the retreat and donate them to women in need.
Personal items include shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, tampons, maxi pads, pantyliners, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, hairbrush, comb, small tissue packs, lotion, body soap, and chapstick.
Minnesota mosques and Islamic Community Centers welcome their non-Muslim neighbors for a traditional Ramadan Iftar, inviting a time of learning and encounter. Participants hear a presentation about Islam/Ramadan and the reason for fasting, participate in the breaking of the fast with water and dates, have the opportunity to observe prayer, and then join at table for wonderful food and conversation. Register here to join with Pastor Arthur and other TLC members in attending an Iftar Dinner at Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington on May 16.
[Click Here] to register.
NEW! In an effort to be more efficient, both in terms of time and expense, quarterly statements have been sent this week via email. If you did not receive a statement, please contact Michelle Reber, 952-884-2364, ext. 15 or Additionally, contact Michelle if you did receive your statement and something is inaccurate. Thank you for your generous contributions to Transfiguration Lutheran Church!
Help Support Crime Prevention Activities
TLC is a “Book ‘Em” drop-off location for your used books, cds, dvds, records, games and puzzles for the Bloomington Crime Prevention Association annual Book ‘Em used book (etc.) sale. This year the sale will be held June 1 through June 15 at the former Toys ‘R Us store on the NE corner of Southtown Center in Bloomington (494 & Penn Ave S.).

The Book'Em used book sale has been held annually since 1992. The purpose of the sale is to generate funds that are awarded as grants to Bloomington organizations for crime prevention activities.  The sale has increased in size each year and is now one of the largest of its kind in the Upper Midwest. 
For adults, youth and children. Test your knowledge of the Bible in each issue of TLC Weekly.
Answers can be found on the last section of this issue.

1) After His resurrection, where did Jesus walk with some disciples?
  1. On the road to Emmaus
  2. On the road to Damascus
  3. In the streets of Jerusalem
  4. On the Via Dolorosa

2) Who was the first Christian martyr?
  1. Stephen
  2. Able
  3. Peter

3) The New Testament was originally written in which language?
  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Latin

4) The phrase, "God never gives you more than you can handle", shows up where in Scripture?
  1. Nowhere
  2. Proverbs
  3. Psalms

Answers in the last/bottom section of this issue.
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Guillermo Gonzalez Shelton, a Life Scout with Troop 446 at TLC, is organizing and leading a supply drive for Lightshine Canine, a non-profit organization that rescues stray, abandoned and/or injured puppies, dogs, kittens and cats from the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations in South Dakota.

During the month of May, a donation box will be placed at TLC to collect much needed, life-saving supplies for the rescue animals, such as:

Dog food, cat food, puppy pads, flea & tick medicine, used/new small crates, puppy pens, puppy milk, kitty milk, cat playpen tower, clean used or new towels, and gas cards to help cover the cost of transporting and relocating the rescues.

On Sunday May 12 and May 19, Shelton and Troop 446 will be conducting Donation Supply Days at TLC from 8:00am to 12:30pm. Please bring a donation and help save the lives of the animals and reduce the number of pets in need.
Vacation Bible School
JUNE 17 - JUNE 21
Online Registration
Now Available
Daily Themes
Ready, Set, Go—Beginnings
Hitting a roadblock—Babel
  Only one race—People
Jesus is God’s sign of love
Green light to kindness
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Information brochures with registration forms
now available in the church Narthex.
TLC ELC Families – We Need Your Help!
Summer is quickly approaching, and TLC Early Learning Center has several openings. As you know, having a full center is critical to our financial health. A full center is also a straightforward way to ensure we maintain our budget.
How can you help?
Referrals are one of the best and easiest ways to fill openings. Talk to your co-workers, friends, family and neighbors; it would be great if you could share this information on social media or any other way you think you can help promote our nationally accredited Christian childcare and preschool program. Also, please share our web address:
If your referral joins TLC-ELC you earn a $200 bonus toward tuition!
Summer Openings
-Chipmunks (born in 2016): 2 openings
- Aardvarks (3-4 years old, born in 2015): 3 openings
- TAC (school-age Kindergarten thru 5th grade): Full-time only
For more information, call TLC-ELC at 952.884.7955
Thanks for helping TLC-ELC by getting the word out!

The TLC website has a new and easier online form to order Chancel/Altar Flowers for any Sunday in 2019.
[Click Here] to access the form now, or visit later and look for the "Purchase Altar Flowers" button at the bottom of any page.
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Treasures of Italy
Pastor Ed is leading an 11-day tour of Italy and Germany the summer of 2020. Sites include Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice, Salzburg, and Munich. The trip concludes in Oberammergau, Germany, to see the longest running theatrical production in the world--the Passion Play at Oberammergau. This is a rare opportunity to see an amazing and powerful spectacle.

For more information, pick up a brochure at the welcome desk or [Click Here] to visit the special page on TLC's website.

1) After His resurrection, where did Jesus walk with some disciples?
Answer #1: On the road to Emmaus. On Easter Day, following the discovery of the empty tomb by the Holy Women and the information that Jesus had risen from the dead, two of Jesus’ disciples set out for the town of Emmaus which was a short distance from Jerusalem. After a time, Jesus came along and joined them on their journey. Luke 24:13

2) Who was the first Christian martyr?
Answer#2: Stephen. Stephen was stoned for his belief in Christ. The story of his death is found in Acts 7.

3) The New Testament was originally written in which language?
Answer#2: Greek. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek.

4) The phrase, "God never gives you more than you can handle", shows up where in Scripture?
Answer #1: Nowhere. While this phrase sounds similar to 1 Corinthians 10:13 ("...[God] will not let you be tempted beyond your ability..."), it isn't actually found in the Bible.

Now Available Online

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