Bike of the Week: Tom Allan's Versys

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Tom Allan's Kawasaki Versys w/6160 Burnt Orange Rimstripes 

This week's featured bike comes from Tom Allan of Raeford, NC, who sent us these pictures of his Kawasaki Versys a few years ago. Sorry we didn't get to your bike sooner, Tom - it looks great! Tom's got some 6160 Reflective Burnt Orange Rimstripes on the wheels of his bike.

Fun fact: This Kawasaki color is what we used as a reference when we developed our 160 Reflective Burnt Orange color. We print this color in-house and as far as we're aware, nobody else does it!

Tom sent us some kind words about his experience:


Tape Works, I got the tape and tool before 11:00 a.m. today. That was fast. I read your instructions and watched your video. Then I took the front wheel of the bike and applied the tape in the living room. My wife wasn't smiling, but I told her it was too cold in the garage. Anyway, I cleaned the rim, assembled the tool, and the tape went on fast, just like you showed on the video.

I'd have to say your burnt orange reflective tape is a perfect match to the Kawasaki burnt orange. Of course, depending on the angle and light conditions at which you look at burnt orange on the bike or your tape, it can look a little reddish. But at the correct angle, both the tape and bike color match. And of course, it is reflective.

I've worked with pre-curve wheel tape before that comes in 4 strips per wheel side. (16 strips for both wheels). And of course you overlap each strip. You know it takes about 15 minutes per side as you slowly apply and try to keep the tape centered as you go around applying by hand.

Your "Stripe-It-All" tool is so fast, once you start, you can't believe you've gone full circle. Being honest, I went slow, applying firm pressure on the tool to make sure it stayed in place. But even my slow pace, it took less than 40 seconds per side to apply the tape. (I spent several minutes per side cleaning - correct prep is always important). Not bad for a 62 year old guy. And the tool keeps the tape exactly where you set the tool to keep it all the way around.

Oh, and that extra strip that comes in the kit. I cut it in half and applied to the back of my saddle bags.

Great product.  Thanks.  

Tom Allan
Raeford, N.C.

Not bad at all! Tom later sent us an update after living with his new Rimstripes for a few months:


FYI, After more than a year and 8,000 miles, the rim-stripes on my motorcycle are perfect.   People have ask me about the stripes,  I told them about you and the stripe-it-all tool that makes for an easy and perfect application.

Glad to hear it's working well for you, Tom - thank you for the pictures! 

That's it for this week!

As always, Tapeworks welcomes your photos of your bike or car! Just a couple things - please tell us what your bike is and what you put on it, and send a few high-resolution photos of closeups as well as wide shots of the whole vehicle to

And if you've got some sort of testimonial, send it on over, whether it's good or bad! 

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