Letter from Ezra Bessaroth President Albert Israel

Adar 22, 5780
March 18, 2020

To:  Congregation Ezra Bessaroth members & friends

Hello all.

What a challenging time we are facing. Our collective health is concerning. Our individual health is tenuous. But with prudent precautions, we will overcome this situation, and this too will pass.

Speaking of prudent precautions, as you have heard the executive committee of the board of directors has decided to close the synagogue until further notice. We are working on streaming options to keep you informed. We will also provide you links to other local synagogues’ streams.

When we will re-open remains to be seen. The board of directors or the executive committee of the board will make that decision with input from our valued Rabbi Benzaquen and the local authorities. Please note until you hear from us directly, the facility will be closed. Notice from community groups of a re-opening does not mean the board has approved re-opening.

During this time we want to make sure your needs are met. Please call Susan (206-722-5500), Rabbi Benzaquen (206-200-6829) or me (206-250-1148) if you need groceries, rides, a pep talk, or simply some company by phone. We are a congregation and a family. Whether you live near or far, we can find a way to help.

This will pass, and we will celebrate the good health of the world in general, and us in particular. The August 2 nd gala honoring Hazzan Azose can also serve as a second celebration of our emergence from this situation (we will have another party at re-opening!). May the American or Israeli scientists (or any others) develop the vaccine immediately.

Let’s look to G-d for guidance and inspiration, and remember that we have experienced difficult situations before and emerged stronger and more committed. G-d willing, we will do so again.