The Importance of Pretend Play 
Young children learn by imagining and doing. According to Scholastic, Pretend Play builds Language Skills, Social and Emotional Skills, Thinking Skills, and Nurtures the Imagination. Great Pretenders encourages all of this and offers the best variety to achieve both learning components and fun! With price increases confirmed for June 1st, NOW is the time to bring the line into your business or build up those re-orders and take advantage of the
ο»ΏApril/May Special.
Precious Pink Sequins Crown - 13410 
Pink Butterfly Dress and Wings - 32315 
Precious Pink Sequins Cape - 50925 
Mermalicious Dress with Tail - 33985 
Batman Cape with Hood - 54695  
Gold Knight Set with Tunic, Cape, and Crown - 61955  
Wizard Cloak and Glasses - 62195
Wizard Wand - 14200 
Firefighter Set - 81355 
Make Up Artist - 81995 
Whimsical Unicorn Sticker Earrings - 87509 
Raptor Cape - 57665 
Colour-A-Butterfly Wings - 83031  
Acrylic Mini Doll Display 83970 - FREE w/ 30 Dolls 
Single Wooden Display 83951 - FREE w/ $1000.00 Dress Up Order 
Jewelry Floor Stand 72 Peg - FREE w/ Full Stand Order 
Boutique Jewelry Display 83994 - FREE w/ $900 Boutique Jewelry Order