Acquired by Stephan von Neipperg in late 1998, Château d’Aiguilhe is one of the finest and most beautiful vineyards in the Côtes de Castillon appellation, situated around the small town of Bourg-sur-Gironde a few miles east of Bordeaux, France.

The château's dignified ruins bear witness to a long and turbulent history. Formerly the heart of a fortified farm, the château dates from the 13th century. Located on the frontier between areas occupied by the French and English during the Hundred Years' War, the château had a major strategic role and changed allegiance regularly according to the political tendencies of the seigneur. Later on, the château belonged to the Albret family, then the Leberthons, who contributed several members of the Bordeaux parliament. Before emigrating on the eve of the French Revolution, the Leberthons sold the estate to a certain Etienne Martineau, who transformed it into a huge 400-hectare farm in a single block that stayed in his family until 1920.
Château D'Aiguilhe
Côtes de Bourg 2015/2016
85% Merlot 15% Cabernet Franc
Sustainable viticulture and a biodynamic approach characterize vineyard management here by Stephan von Neipperg. 2015 produced softer, more open wines, while 2016 boasted structure and ageability.

Gorgeous notes of currant, plum, mint, vanilla and violets.

Vigorous and fruity with big beautiful flavours of dark fruit and chocolate. This powerful wine reflects its terroir with intensity and panache. 

Hanger steak with chimichurri and pommes frites.

Since 2000, every Château D’Aiguilhe that von Neipperg released has scored 89 points or higher, a remarkable achievement for the appellation.
The dapper figure of Stephan Graf von Neipperg, with his crisp moustache and trademark cravat, is well known in fine wine circles. In just 20 years he has revived the fortunes of Canon-la-Gaffelière in St-Emilion, and repeated the exercise for a handful of other properties, not just in Bordeaux but now in Bulgaria, too.
Aiguilhe is his most remarkable achievement. He has propped up the ruinous castle, restored the extensive cellars and farm buildings, replanted much of the vineyard, and built a modern winery. Castillon is a relatively chilly region, and the wines are often rustic. Not here. Aiguilhe can be exceptional, and the price is reasonable.

Stephan von Neipperg comes from a family of generals and ambassadors who made wine in their 30-village earldom in the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, this 45-year-old count is building his own wine fiefdom in St.Emilion, where he owns four estates: Château Canon-La Gaffeliére, Clos de l'Oratoire, Peyreau and La Mondotte.

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