July 2019
On June 16, we gathered together at the Ban Ta Christian Church to celebrate the life and ministry of Dr. David L. Filbeck.   It was a time of joy as many who had been impacted by his life came to share their stories and memories. Over and over again, we heard people say; "David always encouraged them to continue to serve; to not grow weary in sharing the Gospel and caring for the Lord's people."   

This was truly his legacy; to Teach, Equip and Encourage God's People to Serve!   It is a privilege for us, his children, co-workers, and students (both past and present)  to continue this legacy.     

In this newsletter, we want to share with you, our Supporters and Prayer Partners, some of those stories.   You are a part of this legacy.  Your partnership makes all these stories happen.    We invite you to read with joy and thanksgiving, giving Praise to the Father for all that He does through His Faithful Servants.   
Khamai,  One of the First Students 
Khamai (far right) 1973
Mr.  Kham ai pr e ached at the Ban Ta Memorial service.  I t was a fitting ch oice as he was one of the  first 3 young   men  that studied under David L. Filbeck ba ck in the early 1970s.   

Mr. Khamai went on to become a preacher, an evangeli st and even a missionary.   He spent three years in a large country to the north working with a specific linguistic group related to the Thai.  

He reported i t is now estimated that there are 10,000 Christians among that group. 
Today he is retired.  But, like his teacher, he continues to preach and encourage God's People to press on in serving Him.    

( Mr. Khamai preaching at the Memorial Service for David L.)
Uuay and Ampawn : Missionaries to the Lua 
Uuay and Ampawn came to LTC from another  country.  Following graduation, they got married and moved back home.  Home was just across the border from Nan province; the area the Filbeck had lived and worked among the Lua people group.    

Uuay and Ampawn discovered there were many unreached villages that spoke a similar dialect to the one David worked with. They began reaching out to these villages.   

In April,  Uuay called Carmen Filbeck early one morning.   His voice was excited and fast as he began to tell this story:   

"Teacher Father's death has really stirred my heart.  I remember the last time I saw him was at my graduation.  He told me two things that I can not forget.   He said for me to always stay faithful to serving God. To not grow weary, but to endure.   Then, as we parted, he said, "I'll see you in heaven"   I realize that Teacher Father has entered into his rest now. But, I am still here.  And I can not rest yet.   I want you to know that I will not rest, but will continue to serve God with my fullest energy."
The most recent reports conclude that there are several hundred believers among this group in that region due to the efforts of this couple.    

The baton has been passed.  The legacy continues through the ministry of Lanna Theological Center and graduates. 
A Renewed Determination.   
Tuan and his Wife
Following the memorial service three LTC alumni from the Lua tribe came to see Carmen Filbeck at LTC.  All three had chosen to stay in Chiang Mai for various reasons.  But, on that day they came with heavy hearts and a determined spirit.  

The three alumni came to talk  about what was needed to help their home churches.    They realized that for various reasons, they had not returned to serve among their own people as David L. had hoped and they were concerned for the Churches.  

  Mr. Tuan and his wife are earnestly praying about leaving their ministry in the city  and moving to the poorest of the Lua village churches.    Mr. Surin gave his commitment to continue to work in the city and help be the advisor and supporter of his home village.  He is in regular communication with the young elder who is leading the church;  helping him to prepare his Sunday messages.     Miss Pim Pa said she and her cousin, another LTC alumni,  were committed to return to their mountain village and shepherd the Christians.   

All three kept saying over and over again.... " We will not let the Work of Teacher Father die.  We will take responsibility and care for the Believers."       
Next Step Scholarships 
The Legacy of David L Filbeck is seen in these and many others who are faithfully serving in unseen places.   Lanna Theological Center continues to train and send out graduates to serve the Church and the Community. 

Unfortunately, many young people who hear the call to service simply do not have the funds or support to enter into a training program.  LTC is seeking to raise up a scholarship fund that will serve to meet this need over the next 10-15 years.    It is called the Next Step Scholarship Fund
Your donation to this special project will help us grow a fund that will facilitate many new workers for the Lord's fields in S.E. Asia.    Will you help us build this fund?  Will you help us equip more workers who will carry the baton? 

Click here to make a donation to the Next Step Scholarship Fund via Pay pal or send a check to CMO Box 2363, Joplin, MO 63803 marked Next Step Scholarship Fund    

Thank you or your faithful support of CMO. 
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  You may click here for a Print version of this newsletter.   



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Faculty and Staff of Lanna Theological Center  June, 2019