April 26, 2022

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Announcing the Candace L. Straight Legacy Fund 


We are deeply honored to announce the creation of the Candace L. Straight Legacy Fund at the Center for American Women and Politics. Candy Straight, who passed away last year, was a longtime friend and supporter of the Center who both benefited from the work of the Center through her deep focus on our data and supported the Center’s mission through her long-time commitment to Ready to Run® as a presenter in campaign training workshops. We have missed her terribly this last year and the absence of her insights in this election season are keenly felt.

Candy’s devotion to the data and elections work of the Center will endure. The Candace L. Straight Legacy Fund has been established to support the collection and analysis of data on women candidates, officeholders, and voters. This data is foundational to CAWP’s work and to scholars, journalists, and organizations committed to increasing the numbers of women in public leadership in the U.S.

Candy was a pioneering woman on Wall Street and private investor, philanthropist, independent film producer, mentor, and champion of women’s political equality in America whose passion for politics was built upon her compassion for others. She was deeply devoted to her family, particularly her brother Dwight and her mother Dorothy. This devotion rippled outwards to her beloved lifetime community of Bloomfield, New Jersey and into her unfailing vision of a politics of mutual respect, comity, and the hard work of compromise in service of improving people’s lives.

Learn more about the remarkable life of Candy Straight, her CAWP legacy fund, and how to contribute to this legacy at the Candace L. Straight Legacy Fund page on the CAWP website.

Primary Season Heats Up Next week! 


Speaking of data and elections work at CAWP…next week the 2022 primary season ramps up with primaries in Ohio and Indiana, and 10 additional primaries on the calendar in the month of May. Here’s how to follow women in the 2022 elections with CAWP:

  • 2022 Summary of Women Candidates: A by-the-numbers look at all the women running for Congress, governor, statewide elected executive offices, and state legislatures, with data visualizations. This page includes 2022 numbers compared to historical records and recent election cycles.
  • 2022 Potential Women Candidates: A full, sortable list of announced and potential candidates for Congress, governor, and statewide elected executive offices. This page will update as filing deadlines pass and will become the final list of all filed candidates for these offices in 2022.
  • Women as Percentage of 2022 Major-Party Candidates and Nominees: This page provides key context that goes beyond raw numbers by telling the story of how women are represented among all candidates, with comparisons to 2020 and 2018 and broken by party.
  • Election Analysis: This is the home for CAWP election results, where you can find next-day results for women in primary contests with updates as races are decided. You can also find analysis from both CAWP scholars and external experts and academics about election 2022 and historical election years, including our recent post, Expert Outlooks: What to Watch in Election 2022.

Find more, including information on 2022 rebound candidates, woman vs. woman races for Congress and governor, and the unique environment in 2022 due to redistricting, on CAWP’s Election Watch. Want real-time election results and analysis? Follow CAWP on Twitter on primary nights.

Apply Today for NEW Leadership®


The Susan N. Wilson NEW Leadership® New Jersey summer institute is a non-partisan college students' public leadership training program addressing women's underrepresentation in politics. This six-day residential program will take place June 9-14, 2022 at the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. During the summer institute, students will meet women leaders, learn about women’s participation in American politics, and develop and practice leadership skills through panel discussions, workshops, and projects. After the summer institute, participants become part of NEWL’s national network of distinguished alumnae.


Applications are now due by May 2, 2022; learn more and apply today at the NEW Leadership® page on the CAWP website.

Not a student in New Jersey? Find a NEW Leadership® national network partner program in your state or region.

Congratulations to Neha Aluwalia for Rutgers Today Feature!


Last week, Rutgers Today featured graduating senior Neha Aluwalia talking about her Rutgers experience and how politics shaped her academic career. Neha began her time at Eagleton taking a Women and Politics Byrne Seminar co-taught by Ruth B. Mandel and Debbie Walsh. She then interned with CAWP’s data team before becoming an undergraduate research assistant working directly with our data services manager, Chelsea Hill. “She has a natural researcher’s intuition for how to get the information,” said Hill of Aluwalia’s contributions to CAWP’s data collection efforts.

Aluwalia worked on CAWP’s annual New Jersey County Report Card, which tracks women’s representation in all the state’s counties. On the experience of seeing this data collection put together into a report, released to the public, and generating impact, Aluwalia told Rutgers Today, “Now it’s out in the world, being used by advocacy groups to improve women’s representation.” We were happy to have Neha as a part of the CAWP team and are eager to see what she does next.

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