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A Lesson in Persistence  StoryOne
"JustHope committed to working in agriculture to live out our mission of nurturing resilient , sustainable communities free of poverty . With each effort on the Model Farm, we too become more resilient and able to adapt to challenges and adversity."

Pictured is a hard-working group of volunteers that helped build the Model Farm's Learning Center. 

Kara Luebbering, JustHope's Director of International Programs, looks back at a year of firsts for the Model Farm and shares some ups and downs that so often define the agricultural experience in Nicaragua. Yet with each challenge, we are becoming more knowledgeable  about the program  and the farming community we serve. 
Nicaraguan School Year Starts Feb 5th  StorySchool
The 2018 school year in Nicaragua starts Feb 5, and the Ministry of Education reports that it is on target to register  1.7 million students . This year's education budget of US $474 million includes US $20 million for an 8% teachers raise  and  1,000 new teacher hires In 12,000 schools, 1.2 million children will receive school meals provided by the government.  (Source: El Nuevo Diario, Jan. 8)

Through a Gift of Hope, you can help the teachers and students in our partner communities prepare for the school year! Give a classroom a  resource crate   stocked with reading books, maps, diagrams, math manipulatives, and a STEM kit for $20/ month, or send a teacher to an 
enrichment training  for $100. 

This year, community leaders will give each primary school child a backpack, but we still need to fill the backpacks and provide uniforms for the children! Just $30 gives a primary school child a uniform and learning materials. And a donation of $1,000 sends a student to college or vocational school for one year.

Upcoming JustHope Trips  StoryTwo2
The Future of Development - A World Bank Report  StoryThree
The World Bank recently took a look at 2017 and  outlined development priorities across the globe through a series of charts. 

Here's how JustHope's programs in Nicaragua fit into the big picture of global development: 

#1 -  Food Insecurity. 
" Food demand is projected to rise by  at least 20% globally over the next 15 years ." At JustHope, we consider sustainable agriculture to be a solution to harsh food insecurity and malnutrition our partner communities face. Consider the impact JustHope's agriculture programs will have on the region. 

#4 - Human Capital is the World's Greatest Asset. 
People and the skills, experience and effort they bring to the table have a significant impact on economic growth in low-income countries. That is why education and training programs for all ages are a vital piece of JustHope's arsenal. Learn how the Chacraseca Cultural Center is transforming the community. 

#5 -  Education as an Investment. 
Hundreds of millions of children around the world are growing up without basic life skills and the knowledge and opportunities required to pull themselves and their communities out of poverty. In Latin American countries, students earn 9-15% more in wages for each additional year of schooling completed. JustHope invests deeply in education and cultural programming. Hear about some of JustHope's education projects. 

#6 - Nutrition affects learning. 
" Poor nutrition can have a profound, lifelong impact on a child's learning, health and adult earnings." JustHope agricultural programs are creating a more diverse source of nutrients for families, plus health programs bring needed medical care and medicines to those who may not otherwise have proper access. See examples of JustHope's health programming.

#8 - Underemployment. 
"Jobs are a pathway out of poverty, but 60% of young people ages 15-24 worldwide are jobless." By supporting job growth, microcredit and small enterprises, JustHope is bringing opportunities to the growing population of young adults in Nicaragua that lack access to employment. Learn how JustHope is fighting joblessness through social enterprise. 

#11 - Starting a Business. 

Our Social Media FeedStorySocial
Here's something interesting we mentioned on social media: 

International Living Magazine named Nicaragua  one of the World's Best Places to Retire in 2018 for the second year in a row, calling it the "Best Bang-for-Your-Buck in Latin America." 

Nicaragua got extra points for its beautiful beaches and cheap food. International Living considers Nicaraguan real estate to be a real bargain and particularly called out Granada as a great place for gringo retirees to land.  View the full list.

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