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September 20, 2018

Dear Sea Pines Property Owner,

I hope you are enjoying our great week of weather. We were happy to have been spared by Hurricane Florence, but she did impact a lot of our plans. Our thoughts remain with our neighbors in North Carolina.

As I mentioned in my emailed letter last week I hoped to be writing to you last week about our project to improve Greenwood Drive from Club Course Drive to the intersection of Plantation Drive. Hurricane Florence did delay our start date on this project a bit, but I am excited to announce we have selected a contractor and they will start work this coming Monday, September 24 . They have already begun mobilizing some necessary equipment along Greenwood Drive.

Russell Fredericks, our Director of Maintenance has now made two informational presentations on the project. At these meetings, we gathered your feedback and have developed a plan that we believe is in the best interest of all. Our plan has been modified from what was originally presented. The new plan will now have two phases. The project will still be inconvenient but allows for a shorter overall project timeframe and a little less rerouting of traffic through other neighborhoods. We have a plan in place that also includes our leisure paths and we should begin road and trail closures this coming Monday in order to facilitate this project.    

In the first phase of the plan, the entirety of Greenwood Drive from Club Course Drive to Governors Road will be closed both ways for an estimated 3-4 weeks.  This road closure is necessary to remove the miles of existing curbing on both sides of Greenwood Drive and to expedite the construction project. During phase 1, Greenwood Drive inbound and outbound traffic will be rerouted to Club Course Drive and Governors Road. Once this phase is substantially completed, we will return to normal traffic on Greenwood Drive, (this means two-way traffic). Governors Road and Club Course Drive will also return to normal traffic.

As you know, Club Course Drive and Governors Road drive through the heart of the Club Course area. Although these are secondary roads and do provide access to many homes and Sea Pines Country Club, the owners and residents directly adjacent to these roadways are not use to the traffic they will see during these next few weeks due to this project.  I ask that while you use these roads you be courteous and aware of those vehicles trying to enter this section of Governors Road and Club Course Drive. Please be courteous, stop and let your neighbor enter traffic when it is apparent they have been waiting to turn onto these roadways from driveways, adjacent streets, the entrance to Sea Pines Country Club or from Residents Club Villas. I am sure you would appreciate the same if your street or home were in the same circumstance.  

After the completion of phase 1, we intend to begin phase 2.  Phase 2 of the project is expected to last 2-3 weeks and will address the area between Governors Road and Plantation Drive. In this phase, we will be performing the majority of the work at night and during those times we will employ alternating single lane closures with traffic control, (similar to last year’s Plantation Drive project), on the portion of Greenwood Drive from Governors Road to Plantation Drive.

Originally we were going to continue to utilize Governors Road and Club Course Drive after the initial 3-4 week period for at least the ingress or egress of traffic for the duration of what we thought would be a 12-15 week total project. We also intended to redirect traffic to the ocean gate during this time. For the most part, neither of these uses are currently contemplated in the plan.

This remains a complex project and our initial schedules may change. Although the time frames and road uses referenced here are our plan, we remain subject to weather and unanticipated factors that may send us in a different direction. As always, we will keep you up to date on our project progress through the following channels:

  • Detailed Project Communication Plan as of 9.20.18- Click here

We are eager to make these overdue infrastructure repairs to Greenwood Drive to improve this roadway for you, your guests and our visitors.

Thank you,


Bret Martin
Sea Pines CSA President
Sea Pines Community Services Associates 
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