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January 30, 2019

Dear Sea Pines Property Owner,

As you may know, Sea Pines faces a major funding shortfall to address critical community needs, including stormwater infrastructure, gate and traffic improvements, landscaping, roadway infrastructure and communication improvements. Addressing this shortfall requires increased funding which in Sea Pines requires a referendum with 75% support of those voting.
To gauge the community's awareness and support for a proposed referendum to address our community’s critical needs, CSA conducted a community-wide survey via email. Click here to view the survey results. We were very pleased with the record response rate from the nearly 40 percent of property owners who completed the survey.
The survey showed that the overall majority of respondents not only were aware of our critical community needs, but they also supported addressing those needs.
The survey also offered the opportunity for you to ask questions about the proposed initial referendum terms, as well as provide general comments and questions. Our team is hard at work developing information to answer the community’s top questions.

Through our communications, it is clear that to obtain 75% support, that we will need to make modifications to the initial referendum terms including the following:

1.     Removal of the real estate transfer fee.
2.     Residential property owner assessment should be a phased increase.
3.   Collection of any new assessment increase should not begin until 2020.
While the needs within our community and the funding shortfall remain unchanged, the path forward to address the needs through a referendum are being updated based on your feedback. The CSA Board of Directors continues to work on terms of a referendum that we believe can be supported by the community.
We are extremely grateful to those who have provided feedback. We heard you, we value your opinion, and we look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming weeks.

Bret Martin,
Sea Pines CSA President
Sea Pines Community Services Associates 
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