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September 19, 2018

Dear Sea Pines Property Owners,

When I address Sea Pines Property Owners, I am referring to all of our owners, our Residential Property Owners, our Commercial Property Owners and The Sea Pines Resort. Although I and my eight Residential Class “A” Board Members are elected by the Residential Property Owners, we are elected to serve for and act in the best interest of the entire community.

Recently, a group of property owners that calls itself the Alliance has disseminated numerous communications objecting to CSA’s proposed plans and Board actions. I want you to know that CSA has not provided your email address to this group. We keep and protect your private information and only use it for official Sea Pines CSA communications.

Over the past month, CSA representatives have met with several Alliance group members with the intent of determining if a common agenda might be found to have the group cease their attacks on CSA and our strategy for our community’s future. We were joined at those meetings by representatives of ASPPPO and The Sea Pines Resort. Click here for an earlier communication sent out by Charlie Miner, ASPPPO President, regarding those meetings.

After several meetings, it became apparent that the Alliance’s agenda is unclear and that the Alliance does not understand or will not accept our community’s covenants and the numerous agreements in place that govern the CSA Board and its actions.

One example of this conduct is CSA’s recent completion of the July 2018 gate agreement. This group does not believe The Sea Pines Center ownership or The Sea Pines Resort have approval rights over gate fee increases. This group would prefer that CSA ignore a bankruptcy court granted right, raise the gate fee and proceed with costly litigation. This is not a wise approach in my opinion nor in the opinion of most of the CSA and ASPPPO board members.

This group wants to deny preexisting rights granted to The Sea Pines Resort, many of which have been in place since the founding of our community in the 1950s. These include the Resort’s right of repurchase, the right to approve a referendum and the right of their guests to access the community. 

They demand change for the future of Sea Pines and threaten that without such change, they will fight our Board’s Strategic Plan, which will require increased funding from all community stakeholders. The Resort, commercial property owners and residential property owners must all contribute to protect the future of our aging community.

I strongly urge you to disregard the Alliance’s scare tactics and communications from this group. I also encourage you to seek accurate information and attend CSA meetings, forums and Community Coffees. Ensure that CSA has your email address. We communicate with you regularly and communicate the facts you need to make educated decisions. You have elected us to manage your community, a role we take seriously and appreciate your support in doing so.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Mark A. Griffith
CSA Board Chairman
Sea Pines Community Services Associates 
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