A Letter from Stillwater
April 26, 2019

Dear Stillwater Church,

Wow, what an incredible Easter weekend – celebrating our new life in Jesus through baptisms, confirmation of teenagers, and new faith commitments. God is so good! As your pastors, we are also thankful for the way that God worked through our incredibly faithful staff and servants. Week in and week out, the ministry of Stillwater Church happens through the hard work and dedication of these amazing people.

Staff transitions are an important part of the life of every church. They are challenging because we love our staff, but they also bring new opportunity as God continues to bring the right leaders at the right times to Stillwater. Please see the following note (in italics) from Pastor Brady:    

To Stillwater Church, and the Y Campus in particular.

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter to inform you that I have applied and been selected for Active Duty with the United States Army. This will mean that I will be relocated, and no longer be serving as the Campus Pastor at the Y.

When Abby and I came to Stillwater a year ago, we expressed our desire and passion for doing ministry with and for servicemembers and they’re families. It is the reason I am in the US Army Reserves currently. At the time, we believed that would mean starting a church or ministry in and around Wright Patterson Air Force Base. However, as time went on, we began to sense that God was calling us in a different direction.

I have loved serving as your associate and campus pastor. You have been supportive, welcoming, and willing to come alongside me as I have led you. Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement in ministry during the past year. While I am sad to be leaving you, both Abby and I believe that this is the next step in our journey and calling in ministry. I’d love to stay at Stillwater. But I have to follow this call.

In order to help with the transition, and help set the church and my predecessor up for success, Jon, myself, and the Board have all agreed to a several week period where I will be serving alongside the new Y Campus & Associate pastor. Unless something changes with the Army, my final day on staff will be July 14th. However, I anticipate you seeing me around Stillwater throughout the summer and perhaps even into the school year a little.

As of yet, I do not know where I will be going, nor do I know when I will be required to be there. I will, of course, let you know that information once we find it out.

Brady Feltz
Y Campus & Associate Pastor

Personally, my emotions were very mixed when I learned this news from Brady. Naturally, I am sad because I love working with him and I have been richly blessed by our time together. However, I have seen firsthand how much the Army appreciates Brady’s excellence in leadership as an Army Reserve Chaplain, and I have no doubt that he and Abby are following God’s call to full-time chaplaincy. Our brave service women and men deserve excellent spiritual care, and Brady is a very gifted chaplain.

Pastors, just like every other follower of Jesus, are working out our own calling as well. While I had hoped for more time here with Brady, I am very thankful for the many things that God has done through him, both at the Y Campus and the Frederick Pike Campus. We have redesigned the model of pastoral leadership here at Stillwater and we will continue this model with our next Y Campus/Associate Pastor.

I have been working diligently with our Board and District Superintendent as we seek God’s right next person for us. In the near future, I hope to introduce you to that person. In the meantime,  please pray for four things: God’s blessing on Brady and Abby as they transition, God’s guidance as we find our next Y Campus/Associate Pastor, God’s preparation of the next Pastor for this transition, and God’s preparation of our hearts for the great work that God will do through this transition!

Thankful to Serve Jesus with You,
Pastors Jon and Brady

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