Dear Coalition Members:

I am sure that you join in mourning the loss of the Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who not only was a jurist of historic stature, as Justice Roberts wrote, but was an icon because of her fierce protection of equality for all. For women lawyers, Justice Ginsberg’s life story and trailblazing work to secure and protect equal rights for women made her the inspirational force she was, and will continue to be. Her passing serves to strengthen my passion for the Coalition and its mission. I was already looking forward to hearing our keynote speaker, Professor Susan Herman, President of the ACLU (and Ruth Bader Ginsberg Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School) at part one of the 2020 National Leadership Forum on October 22, but Professor Herman's participation in our Forum now has even greater significance.

It is hard to believe that it is September and we are still in the midst of the surreal world we all have been navigating for the past six months! I, for one, had previously only worked from home during my two maternity leaves, in the days before email, scanning and easy connectivity to one’s desktop on-line. I cannot fathom how much more difficult things would have been if the pandemic had arrived 25 years earlier – it is difficult enough now! We all, at different stages of our careers, have encountered challenges and have had to adapt to change. I hope each of you has found a silver lining in this dark COVID cloud, whether it has been a very extended maternity leave, or having extra time with family, avoiding the commute to work, or something else. For me, having my 26 year old daughter and 23 year old son return home from other cities to quarantine with my husband and me, has provided the gift of months together we would not have had (and dinners together for months on end, for the first time, ever!).

Given all of the unprecedented challenges and turbulence that surrounds our current existence, staying connected is even more meaningful and important than ever. The New York Coalition, in conjunction with our sister chapters in Chicago and Washington D.C., will continue to offer members and friends interesting and educational programs and opportunities to connect. I hope you will join in!

Elizabeth Schrero
New York Chapter Vice President