A Letter about Changes on Our Board    
                                                     Tuesday, July 23, 2019
    Unitarian Universalist Church  of Bloomington, Indiana

Dear Members and Friends of the 
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington,

At the June meeting of the Board, I submitted my resignation from the office of President (appended). Though a regrettable choice in terms of much-enjoyed camaraderie with my fellow Board members, this decision was necessary in order for me to remain fully dedicated to my family, career, and community.

I have experienced several significant changes in both my personal and professional life since joining the Board of Directors at UUCB in 2017. I am privileged to have accepted a major promotion in my position at the Eppley Institute for Public Lands, which will undoubtedly present many challenges and joys. In this new position, and as a dedicated Ma to a vibrant 3-year-old, I could not in good conscience effectively dedicate myself to the 2019-20 Board and its necessary and meaningful endeavors.
Please know that I have sincerely enjoyed being a part of the lay leadership at UUCB over the past several years. I intend to continue attending services and potentially return to leadership in the future.

Michelle Cook, Past President of the Congregation


It is my pleasure to introduce the new members of your 2019-20 Board of Directors:

Stuart Yoak, President

Stuart was elected Vice President of the UUCB Board of Directors in 2018. He currently serves as a newcomer welcome and greeter, facilitator for the Exploring UU Class, and teaches a class in UU History. Previously, Stuart served as a member of the Associate Ministerial Search Committee, Special Purposes Fund committee, and Stewardship Committee. He also organized the preparation of a Festschrift for Reverend Bill Breeden on his retirement. Stuart and his wife, Jana, moved to Bloomington and became UUCB members in 2011, and previously were active members in the First Unitarian Church of St. Louis for 
thirty years.

Abby Gitlitz, Vice President

Abby Gitlitz is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and grew up at UUCB. She became a member in 1988 in high school to serve on the board as the teen liaison. Since then she has served the church as board member, member of the ministerial search committee, middle school OWL facilitator, and stewardship committee member. During the week she is the executive director of the Bloomington Creative Glass Center, a non-profit that offers glass arts education.

Rich Slabach, Treasurer

Rich became a member of the Bloomington UU Church in October 2016. He's been involved in Chalice Circles, Earth Kin, Green Grounds, the Talent Auction, Java Crew, Wellspring, and the UU Men's Group. Rich has been a member of the Finance Committee since the Fall of 2017. Rich is now retired, living in the country and enjoying woodworking in his home shop.

Jane McLeod, At-Large Director

Jane McLeod has attended UUCB for almost 20 years. She joined first to sing in the choir (with college pal, Sue Swaney) and to find a meaningful religious experience for her daughters (Sophie and Nell Krahnke) and insinuated herself into a broader range of church activities over time. She has served as Cookie Walk chair, a Coming-of-Age mentor, a YRUU coordinator, and an RE instructor. She recently completed a three-year term as chair of the Adult Program Committee for the Midwest Unitarian Universalist Summer Assembly (MUUSA), a week full of fun and spiritual renewal (you should all attend!). Outside of church, she is chair of the IUB Department of Sociology, a position she entered after having served for four years as Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Social & Historical Sciences for the IU College of Arts and Sciences. She is also president of the Board of Directors for Voces Novae, Bloomington's premier chamber choir, and an enthusiastic member of IU's Fine Dining Club.

Steven Gilbert, Secretary
Sharon Wiseman, At-Large Director
Julie Lawson, At-Large Director

Unitarian Universalist Church