Hillsborough County Republican Party



October 25, 2011



Dear REC Member, State Committee and Friends:


 As most of you know, today, The St. Petersburg Times announced that I have accepted the position as the Florida Director of County Chairs for the Herman Cain for Presidential Campaign.



 I am excited about this opportunity to join our great leadership team of Herman Cain and the thousands of supporters here in Florida, but Hillsborough County Republicans need a Chairman who can be fully dedicated to the HCRP. As I have always stated, I strongly believe that the leadership of our party owes it to the millions of grassroots conservatives across the state to remain neutral in Republican primaries and let the voters make their own decisions.


Therefore, with much sadness, I am submitting my resignation as Chairman of the Hillsborough County Republican Party effective November 15, 2011 upon the election

of a new Chairman.


Pursuant to Article IV, Section 5 of the HCRP Constitution, this will also serve as notice that election of a new Chairman will be held on November 15, 2011.


As I stated, it is with much sadness,  that I submit this resignation. It has been an honor to chair the largest executive committee in the state, and I look forward to supporting our next Chairman in leading Hillsborough County to victory in 2012. From hosting the Republican National Convention, to supporting our many great candidates, it will be a great year to be a Hillsborough Republican.


I will continue to be an active member of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee. It is not about the title but about what we do and accomplish as a team. I pledge my full support to the new chairman and will work hard to continue the Republican success in Hillsborough County.


I am forever grateful to the support that you have given me while I was Chairman and I continue to be committed to the Conservative and Republican cause in Hillsborough County.


Victory in 2012

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