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A Letter from Erika Mueller

Dear Grace Family,

This year I celebrate my “sweet sixteen” of being your youth pastor. Since 2007 I’ve come a long way in setting the record for tenure in this position (the national average for a person staying in a role like mine is 16 months not 16 years). 

Over these years you have watched me begin and grow the youth ministry program as well as marry, divorce, go on a pilgrimage, marry again, and birth a child. That’s no small thing. Each of you is a part of my community and my family here, in a place where I’m far from my own blood relations.

There is a lot of history that I hold, along with a handful of others who’ve been part of this journey since the beginning of the youth ministry. I was just talking the other day about how I mark time and memories in association with the mission trip of each year. The formative experiences that the other leaders and I have been able to facilitate for hundreds of youth over the years are truly life-changing.

And now, our little family of three has arrived at a life-changing path of our own. We are embarking on a new adventure together this summer and making the big move across the country to the Midwest, to live in Columbus Ohio and be close to my parents and sisters. 

We are making this change not because of an attractive new job or discontent with our life in St. Helena. In fact it’s been a heart-wrenching decision to leave a beautiful place where we have so much love and support. But nothing can replace family, and after not living in the same state as my family for over 20 years, I’m ready to give it a try. 

Matthias, Noah and I will be here through mid-June and join the youth group on the trip to Taize. We’ll spend these next months dreaming together and working on the transition for another person to step into my role. As Rev Anne stated when she accepted her new call, I too believe strongly that “what we need is here”—it’s been proven time and again that this community raises up saints, and I know that my successor will be no exception.

We love you all and are grateful for the months ahead with you.

-Erika Mueller,

Grace Church Children and Youth Ministry Director

This Sunday at Grace

Third Sunday after the Epiphany | Join us as we gather for worship, formation, and community for the Third Sunday after the Epiphany! You can participate this Sunday in person at 8AM and 10AM or via our weekly live stream during the 10AM service on FacebookYoutube, or our Website!

Children's and Youth Ministry! | Children and youth meet in person at 10:00am and will join the adults indoors at communion. Children meet in the Newton Room and youth in the Youth Center. For more information or questions please reach out to Erika Mueller at erika@grace-episcopal.org. There will also be a Taize Team Fundraising Meeting at Sunday 1/22 9am for youth and parents.

Annual Parish Meeting & Potluck Update

Annual Parish meeting & Potluck | On Sunday January 29 we will be hosting out Annual Meeting with a combined service at 9am with potluck lunch to follow! The annual meeting is the "state of the union" of Grace with reports from our various ministries and finances. The cool thing about the Episcopal Church is that it's a democracy and so there's also some voting--you get to say "aye" or "nay" and that kind of thing. Past annual meetings have boasted skits, costumes, dancing, raffle prizes and hula hoops so don't be fooled--we're going to have fun doing this business-y thing! And of course there will be fellowship:

What to bring for the potluck? We will coordinate this based on last names!

Last names starting with A-J = App/Salads

Last names starting with K-P = Main Dishes

Last names starting with Q-Z = Desserts

Please use this signup form to let us know what you plan to bring!

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