From Our Board President                         Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dear Friends of the UU Church of Bloomington,

Thank you for being part of the UUCB community and helping make our world a better place for everyone!

Your support through your pledges enables our church to continue to be such a valuable home in which together we learn and grow and from which we venture into our community and beyond as a beacon of love, tolerance, empathy, and truth.

With our Pledge Day-- Community Day coming up on Saturday, April 14th, it is wonderful to reflect on all that you and the UU community do and what we receive from our church - through worship services and teachings from our ministers, pastoral care, religious education, music, celebrations and comfort and the important work that we do together for social justice, to protect our earth, advocate for responsible government, provide sanctuary and a safe place for everyone to come and belong.

I am constantly in awe of the tireless 7-days a week work and devotion of your ministers and staff along with volunteers , when I hear inspiring stories while in worship, in reports to the board, and read about the impact of our community in the local news.

In addition to attending Sunday service, I invite you to read through a weekly calendar of events at our church, including meditation, music, forums, adult and youth education, coffee house, art, social justice, and more, and participate in activities that will bring you joy, knowledge, fun, friendship, comfort and inspiration.

Which of these, or other activities inspire you to be part of our congregation? Which enables you to make a positive difference in your life, and the lives of others?

Perhaps it's what you learn and experience during Sunday service? Or it is the impact that we have on our community - such as building homes with Habitat for Humanity, supporting the homeless, advocating for universal justice, or our new community minister Forrest Gilmore? Does your joy come from our worship services and other celebrations? Our music? Our spiritual exploration together?

Whatever your inspiration, it is made possible by your pledges that support over 80% of church operations - that enable our ministers and staff to provide their time and experience throughout the week and the year to support every church group and outside organizations with which we partner, to maintain our beautiful sanctuary and grounds, to support all that we do together as the UUCB community.

Our goal is to reach $650,000 in pledges this year to enable us to continue to increase support for our ministers and staff towards our goal of providing fair compensation and perform key maintenance for our aging building, HVAC systems, and sewer systems.

With now over 800 members and friends, this is an increase of less than $10 per person per month. With your help we can achieve this goal. Please consider whatever increase your means allows and your heart calls for.

Pledging is easy! us on April 14th for Pledge Day - Community Day for a full day of activities, food, fun and community and make your pledge. If you cannot make it on April 14th, you can still pledge at worship on April 15th when we'll have special guest Reverend Andy Burnette in the pulpit.


Von Welch
President, UUCB Board of Directors

p.s. Please consider all that you receive from our UU community and the positive impact we have together on our town, our state and our world as you consider your support for the upcoming year.  

Unitarian Universalist Church