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January 26, 2021

Dear Fellow Disciples,

As I write, the aggressive purge and shaming and proposed prosecution of all those who in any way questioned the integrity of the recent election or who engaged in peaceful protest concerning it is proceeding with remarkable ruthlessness and boldness. Almost every powerful segment of our society has come together in censoring, cancelling, and intimidating alternate viewpoints – huge corporations whose products we all use, all the major social media companies, much of professional sports, the dominant entertainment industry, all the mainstream media companies, virtually all the major universities, and now all governmental agencies in both the US and Canada. People are being fired from their jobs if there is any hint of using freedom of speech or association that those in power now deem as “treasonous.” It is hard to believe all this is happening, but it is. I knew we were moving in this direction, but I wasn’t expecting the suddenness and comprehensiveness of totalitarian control being imposed almost overnight.

The aggressive support of killing babies in the womb, suffocating religious freedom, denying conscience exceptions for Catholic medical providers, and once again trying to force the Little Sisters of the Poor and other entities like them to provide contraceptive insurance coverage, which is against their conscience, proceeds apace. Free speech and freedom of religion are under grave and powerful attack, and the wickedness and foolishness of it all is ignored by those who don’t want to be confused about the facts – departing from God’s ways will be the end of civil society as we know it, and possibly the end of this country. A strange, demonically inspired hysteria is demanding that everyone get on the “right side of history” or be shunted aside or worse. It’s what a secular author recently described as “the madness of crowds.” Those who continually invoke the magical phrase “follow the science” never do that when it conflicts with their totalitarian, ideological goals. Fr. Michael Scanlan’s prophesies that I’ve commented on in our YouTube Channel speak directly to these tragic outcomes.
 Fr. Michael Scanlan's Amazing Prophecy: An Urgent Message for Today
Another Prophecy from Fr. Scanlan
The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s is now barreling towards its illogical and disastrous conclusion, as it now denies biological reality and any significant link between sexuality and the holiness of marriage between a man and a woman, open to the gift of children.

This has all happened so fast and with such viciousness that I don’t think it can be explained without acknowledging significant involvement by demonic “powers and principalities” (see Eph. 6:12). The “nations” are arraying together against Christ and his people (Acts 4:26). The spirit of the antichrist is rising in the world. (Both Peter and I have tried to give some biblical clarity about the spirit of the antichrist in recent videos).
The Activity of the Antichrist
The Spirit of the Antichrist
Many of us are fighting discouragement, depression, sadness, anger, and frustration. The continual suffocating presence of Covid-19 and its escalating variants puts a pall over everything. Many are discouraged that intense prayer and intercession didn’t block all this from happening. Many are distressed that many of our bishops didn’t and don’t speak clearly or give real leadership, and that some bishops are even sympathetic to the powers oppressing us. Many are tempted to doubt the efficacy of prayer or the goodness of God.

But don’t!

St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches that discouragement is never from the Lord and should always be immediately and aggressively rejected and resisted. If we give in to discouragement, it takes away our faith, our hope, even our love. We need faith, for it overcomes the world and is our hope that gives us joy, even now, for the great gift that will be bestowed on us when Christ Jesus appears (1 Pt. 1:13). As Scripture says, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (Jas. 4:7). So, let’s all join the resistance to the oppression and lies of the evil one!

It is absolutely true that God heard all our prayers and valued all our sacrifices and will answer them in a way we weren’t anticipating, but in a way that will fully satisfy us when we see it unfold. There’s nothing happening that isn’t happening under the powerful and wise providence of God. He is permitting evil to manifest itself so people can more clearly choose. Are you with Christ or against Him? Pope Benedict prophesied this many years ago when he was a young priest. He saw it coming and knew it had hardly yet begun. He saw that the Church would lose its power and influence in society, would lose many of its buildings and institutions, that many of its adherents would go over to the world, and that in the end only a remnant of faithful disciples would remain. But out of that remnant will come a purified, more powerful Church, in which men lost in technological loneliness can find the true home they have always been seeking. (See Chapter 10 of A Church in Crisis: Pathways Forward for additional prophetic perspective on what we are experiencing now).

False optimism has been exposed. What remains is true and real hope. Hope is not wishful thinking; hope is that certain knowledge that Christ has and will triumph. After thousands of years of hopeful expectation through many dark centuries filled with pain, the Messiah finally appeared and did all that was necessary to rescue us from this present darkness of sin, death and evil. And just as certain as his first coming was so too will be his second coming. When we meet Him—whether that be through death or his return—He will wipe away every tear; right every injustice; heal every wound; perfect every godly love; and save, magnify, and make eternal every moment of love, tenderness, mercy, and compassion we have ever experienced.

Such a great reward awaits us after such a short time of exile on a fallen planet. Take courage, our hope is both sure and unbelievably glorious. Jesus truly is the Lord! Come, Lord Jesus, come!
Your fellow disciple,
After the Election: What Now?
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