As many of you know, this past year has been personally challenging. Many great things have happened, but also some life altering ones. The death of my father, and the arrival soon of our grandson has led Nancy and me to contemplate what comes next in our journey together. Like many of you, COVID has forced us to look at our lives in new ways. As a result of much soul searching and prayer, we have decided to retire from active ministry at the end of this conference year.
During our six years at Meridian Street many exciting things have taken place and we have created some lifelong friends. We have seen many improvements to the building such as completion of the Welcome Center, painting of the church, remodel of the parlor kitchen, two new playgrounds and the addition of the beautiful Celebration Terrace that was recently dedicated.
In addition, we have seen many new and exciting opportunities for personal growth; mission trips, Serve Indy, new and expanded partnerships with many agencies in our city, and bible and book studies to help us grow closer to God and learn how diversity and justice can co-exist in this world. Furthermore, there were many creative ways that we learned to adapt during the last year and a half, not the least of which is the addition of Livestream in the Sanctuary allowing us to connect in amazing ways. All of these have positioned Meridian Street for a bright future. The opportunity to be here to celebrate the 200th Anniversary is the icing on the cake.
The Staff Parish Relations Team was notified of our decision last Thursday, and it was announced on Sunday during the worship service. I will continue as your pastor until the end of June 2022 and look forward to many opportunities to share the love of Christ with our neighbors.
Thanks for all that you do to share the love of Jesus and help build God’s kin-dom.
Steve & Nancy Conger

You are loved and welcome here. You can serve and lead here.
You can love and marry here.