January 14, 2021
Dear Saints,

In the week and a half I’ve been among you, I have already begun to witness how All Saints is bringing life to the community around us. This morning I watched our preschoolers climb and dig and scoot riding toys through the playground and parking lot. I’ve seen the bags of peanut butter, canned goods and other staples in the storage shed that are destined for the Welbourne Community Food Pantry where our folks also volunteer in person. I’ve met with the outreach team about the families we are supporting in the West End with grocery gift cards and more and heard their keen desire to build on and expand our outreach in the community. I’ve seen the altar guild caring for the church - linens, candles, decorations - and the flower guild’s gorgeous offerings for our live-streamed worship. I’ve worshipped on Sundays with our excellent clergy and choir and met with our excellent and dedicated staff individually and as a group. I’ve met some of you through various Zoom events - Sunday morning coffee hour, small group gatherings - and will continue to meet with groups as their meeting times come up. I’ve met with the folks who are going to bring an arts based summer camp for children to our campus this year. And of course I’ve met with the wardens and vestry who are all so dedicated to the mission and ministry of All Saints.

And I am so impressed. All Saints has stepped up during these difficult times to be the church in the community. We may not be doing things the way we used to do them, but there’s a lot going on still. This is a strong parish that is making a difference in people’s lives.

Now I am writing to you about supporting All Saints and its work through your financial pledge for 2021. For those of you who have pledged already (just under 100 households), thank you! For those of you who have not yet pledged, please consider doing so right now. Your pledge is what makes these ministries that give life - not only to our staff and our members but the community around us - happen.

Right now we are well behind in pledges for this year. We know that there are economic uncertainties for many folks. And perhaps some are thinking that in an interim year, they’d rather wait and see what’s going to happen before they make a pledge. That’s understandable. We hope you know that if for economic reasons you have to adjust your pledge during the year, you can always do that. And as your interim I want to remind you of the importance of keeping this community strong, with a sound budget that shows we are excited about our mission and willing to invest in it, because when it’s time to interview candidates for rector, a strong financial position will be much more attractive than the alternative.

So, please invest in All Saints today. You can do that online (it only took me about 5 minutes to make my pledge and set up my recurring electronic giving) or by filling out a pledge card (we’ll be glad to send you one!) or by contacting any of us in the office for assistance.

Again, if you have made your pledge, thank you. And after reading this, you would like to increase that pledge, we’ll be happy to help you do that! And if you have pledged in the past or never pledged, well, now is the time to join us in making a difference in Richmond through the ministries of All Saints Episcopal Church.

          To make your 2021 pledge online, click here.
          To request a pledge card in the mail, click here.
          Please contact the parish administrator with any questions or to update
your contact information.


The Rev. Penny A. Nash
Interim Rector