A Letter from the Ganges, India


New Information about DNA changes
for Humanity




Dear Friends,    

I am now in India and I want to share with you what has unfolded since my broadcast from the Himalayas ten days ago.


Last Sunday Spirit worked with people in New Delhi clearing and activating with energy brought through from the Golden Tara.



New Delphi workshop participants 


The group at the Taj Mahal


After New Delhi, Pradeep, Madhu, Sumita and Sameeta (who are organizing my events in India) and I went north to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.   


The next day Pradeep and I went on to Rishikesh, a town on the banks of the Ganges river that is famous as a place of high energy, with many Ashrams and places of meditation teaching yoga and sacred truth.  I was there to speak at the National Institute for the Blind the following day.


Spirit however had another assignment for us to carry out.


Remember that the energy transmitted by Spirit from the Himalayas last Friday was to open the third eye or Ajna channel of the planet to pave the way for new creation to begin.  Everyone who listened, or had the intention of doing so wherever they were in the world, played a part in this energy transmission.


Before coming north to Rishikesh I received information that we needed to go to a place that was connected to the sacred teachings of the ancient vedic texts, the Upanishads.  


We discovered that there was one Ashram near Rishikesh called Swami Dayananda Ashram dedicated to disseminating these teachings.  


The administrators kindly gave us a room to meditate in and I received the following information that we recorded and I now want to share with you.  




It is very important to me that our unity community of beautiful souls all over the world...YOU...share in what is happening to me on my travels.  Magic and miracles are unfolding from Spirit that are affecting us all.  


After we received the information our group of six then went to the river bank. We were guided to stand in certain positions and join our energy together as ONE and energy was transmitted through us all.


In the Himalayas, an opening was made for new energies of recreation to flow to Earth. In Rishikesh, an energy seed was planted that in time will activate a new branch of our human tree of life.  I am beginning to work more actively with the DNA here in India and each event seems to be a step up in my understanding and in the strength of the energy.  


I had to laugh to see a leafy, green branch of a tree lying on the ground beside the river, almost as a talisman for us to see what lies ahead for humanity.  


It is obvious to me that the original 12 strand DNA genetic code of the hu-man being is now being advanced, because it is now energetically possible, (the Earth has shifted into the faster pulsating vibration of the fifth dimension) and it is TIME for this to occur as part of a divine plan for the Earth and the galaxy.



Our group at Ganges River


Later we had tea at the Ashram and I discovered that there were, in fact, three people, three gurus who had founded the Ashram here beside the Ganges. They were Swami Dayananda, his guru Swami Chinmayananda and most interesting of all his guru Swami Tarananda. Maybe he was named after the Goddess Tara great mother of the Earth?  I have been so connected to Tara in the past three weeks and have been working with her energies a great deal.


Go well...much love,

Judy Satori




At the Ganges River


Spirit say


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Love and blessings,

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