A Letter from the Headmaster
Dear Families,

In the midst of all these changes to our lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with uncertainty, or with worry about things outside of our control. The day-to-day tasks may, at times, seem overwhelming. It’s human nature to be oriented towards these daily concerns--it’s how we accomplish all the necessary tasks for living. However, human nature is also oriented towards things beyond these everyday concerns--towards self-sacrifice, and towards beauty. This beauty, when we encounter it, calls us out of the fog of our challenging, daily lives and reminds us that we are called to dedicate ourselves to something bigger. It’s what caused the poet Ranier Maria Rilke to say after being struck by the beauty of an ancient sculpture, “Du musst dein Leben ändern” or “You must change your life.” 

And we have been blessed by many beautiful things happening around us recently. We have had the beauty of face-to-face encounters on campus as some of our upperclassmen finally joined us on campus this week. We have had the beauty of charity, of giving of one’s own hard earned money to help our school —  we raised over $144,000 for North Texas Giving Day! We have the beauty of volleyball and cross country to look forward to, of the well-timed and perfectly placed set for a ferocious spike, of the runner running in the wilderness pushing herself past the edge of what she thought she was capable of. And we have the beauty of a meal with friends after a hard day’s work —  our seniors will be together on campus to take the SAT and then will enjoy a Senior Lunch, celebrating with their friends what they have accomplished together. All of these beautiful things remind us that we are not alone, and that all of our daily worries and tasks eventually contribute to the flourishing of our community. 

As we look ahead to our school establishing routines in the coming weeks, habituating ourselves to new procedures and new people and familiar faces and the old rhythms of the school-day, let us remember that while there will be many daily problems to be fixed, there will also be much more beauty to be changed by.

Yours in Partnership,
Michael Cowan
Headmaster, Upper School
Great Hearts Irving