28 July 2020

Grace and peace to you, our church family:

It's a new day at St. Margaret's.

Our church is in a strong place despite uncertain times.  Our pledging remains strong and our recent financial audit drew unqualified praise.  Blessed by wonderful sermons, beautiful worship and inspiring music, we are grateful to all who have kept St. Margaret's vibrant and focused as we made our way through the past eighteen months.  We especially give thanks for Kathleen's uplifting pastoral leadership as our Interim Rector.  We are also pleased to welcome a second deacon, The Rev. Susan Green.

The Rev. Andrew Butler begins as our new rector on August 1st.   His first sermon will be online this weekend and we look forward to hearing his words to us.  We will celebrate his arrival with a Welcome Parade and Food Drive on Sunday, August 2nd at 9:00 a.m. - Details are in this Friday's Saint Mail.

Fr. Andrew arrives at a time when our cherished ways of being together and of worship have been upended by the COVID pandemic.  Zoom and YouTube are our new worship space.  It's often an uneasy tether to the Spirit.

As your wardens, we and the vestry are committed more than ever to a parish with oversight and vision shared between the rector, his staff and the people of St. Margaret's.  We stand side by side facing the light of the Spirit.

Fr. Andrew was drawn to St. Margaret's by how we described ourselves in our parish profile.  He felt a kinship and connection with us that is the foundation for our path forward.  A fresh perspective will inevitably lead the winds of change:  Some aspects that are familiar now may take new shape with time, and much will remain the same.  We look forward to his teaching and his vision with curiosity, excitement and thoughtful prayer.

As we move toward the day when we may once again gather for worship, be assured that the health and safety of each parishioner guides every step.

Your wardens joyfully anticipate what God has in store for St. Margaret's as our new day begins.

Yours in Christ's love,

Jan Romderdahl                 Christopher Davidson
Senior Warden                    Junior Warden

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