Dear friends,

We do not usually tell you about our private lives in these messages, but this has been such a special time for our family we thought you would like to know that  two oldest children were married within the past few months, and our youngest son is engaged to get married in just a few months!

Here is the letter I received from our oldest daughter at her wedding...

Without you I would not know what a man's love is, h ow a true man should treat a women,
how a father should treat his daughter.
Without you I wouldn't have any of my confidence in myself,  I wouldn't know how to feel safe and secure, o r even how to get along by myself.
You built me up to be the woman that I am, 
so that I could learn how to love a true man.
The choices I make are inspired by you,  and as I mature and become someone's wife,  I choose the best man because of my experience in life, b ecause of my experience in love, because of you.
Thank you for teaching me to value myself and to love myself.

I love you.
May you be inspired to be all that you can be for those you love, and for those who love you.

David Lazarus
Beit Immanuel

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